Sometimes you see a movie, a biographical film, a documentary, listen to a song or meet a person that will completely change your perspective on something. Some things and some people have that power, to shake your belief system, to metaphorically slap you in the face, to wake you up and make you see things more clearly. Here are 10 awesome documentaries that will change the way you think and perceive reality.

10. Bully (2011)

BullyThis documentary should be played in every school on earth. It is a chilling movie about the effects of bullying, about the victims and the bullies. Every year, over ten million children are bullied in America at school, online or at home and something needs to be done about this. Watch Bully to get a glimpse of what some children go through almost every day of their lives.

9. Bowling for Columbine (2002)


Activist filmmaker Michael Moore takes a look at America’s guns and he what he finds is not a pretty picture. We warn you, there are some shocking scenes in here, but this is a must-see for everyone who thinks we should own guns. He explores the culture of fear and bigotry and his finds and bone chilling. Put it in your watch list right now!

8. Bridegroom (2013)


Shane and Tom, two lovely men, are in a relationship. Ton has an accident and dies. Shane doesn’t have the legal protections of marriage. Shane is shut out. An extremely emotional documentary about how love isn’t the same in today’s society and how that needs to change as soon as possible. Warning: lots of tears will fall down your cheek, so grab a tissue box.

7. 9/11 The Falling Man (2006)

Falling Man

We all know that unsettling picture of a man that had jumped out of the burning World Trade Center on September 11th. This documentary focuses on that photograph, its photographer and the reaction of the public which was quite raw. Again, this is not for the faint of heart, but it is something you will not regret watching.

6. For the Bible Tells Me So (2007)

for the bible tells me so

A documentary every religious person should watch. It presents five Christian families that each have a gay or lesbian child. They call for love and acceptance and believe that the Bible is being misread and misinterpreted and that is the reason why there is so much hate for the LGBT people these days. This is an awesome documentary that will change the way you think for sure!

5. Eating Animals (2014)

eating animals

This documentary which is due in 2018 is based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s book with the same title. It reveals the horrors that take place in the meat industry, for example we learn that for every one pound of shrimp, Indonesian shrimp boats kill twenty six pounds of sea life; we also learn that cows are blend and skinned while still conscious in many American slaughterhouses. He examines the culture of food in a way that hasn’t been done before.

4. Whores’ Glory (2011)

whores' glory

If you’ve ever wondered about how are the lives of prostitutes in Thailand, Mexico and Bangladesh, then this documentary should answer all your questions and queries. Watch it and you’ll look at the sex industry with different eyes, whether you approve of it or not. There are three episodes that show the lives of prostitutes in Bangkok, Faridpur and Reynosa.

3. Grey Gardens (1975)

grey gardens

The aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis live a life that many didn’t think possible. Edith Bouvier Beale (80) and her daughter Edie live is a decaying mansion in East Hampton with cats and raccoons and dirt. They wear mesmerizing outfits and scarves and are great ladies in every sense of the word. An odd couple who have allowed us into their quirky lives. A must-see!

2. Super Size Me (2004)

supersize me

What would happen if you were to only eat McDonald’s fast food for one entire month? Morgan Spurlock tried it and the results were terrifying. He not only gained weight, but his health declined immensely. Not to give away too much of the movie, but you’re not going to touch fast food for a while after seeing this.

1. The Bridge (2006)

the bridge

This one is number one on our list because it is by far, the most shocking of all of the above. The Golden Gate Bridge is the world’s most popular suicide destination and this documentary deals with that disturbing fact. The film crew recorded over 20 deaths and prevented several; they talk to the friends and families of the people who have killed themselves by jumping off the bridge. Can something be done about this? Watch it and find out.

What do you think about these awesome documentaries that will change the way you think? Have you seen any of them? If you have, will you share your thoughts in the comment section below? We would love to exchange opinions.