Oral hygiene is just as important as washing your hands before every meal, and this is an important lesson for any kid. Although some skeptics claim that the electrical toothbrush is just a hoax to make people buy more expensive products, studies conducted by experts in the domain have shown that using a good electric-powered toothbrush is actually a good thing, as it dramatically improves oral hygiene. The advantages of using an electric toothbrush are many, including the brushing motion which helps with a far better cleaning than a normal toothbrush. The earliest description of what it seemed to be a toothbrush dates to approximately 1600 BC, and was made in a Chinese historical work. It was described as a chewing stick comprised of a twig and a frayed end. Today we offer a list of ten electric toothbrushes for kids.

10. Oral-B Stages for Kids



Our fist choice is suitable for children of three years old and more and it’s a great product to encourage your kid to brush his or hers teeth thanks to the EZ Timer. The internal rechargeable battery can last up to five days if used two times a day for two minutes.

9. Crest Kid’s SpinBrush



This electric toothbrush was designed for kids exclusively, as it comes in a great variety of different designs, featuring characters for both boys and girls. Your kid can choose from Veggie Tales, Holly Hobby, Spiderman, Race Cars, Wolverine, and Princesses.

8. Sonic Guard With Batman



Featuring soft nylon bristles to protect the child’s gums, the sonic toothbrushes vibrate at high speeds to properly clean between the gums and teeth, while scrubbing away plaque. It comes equipped with a display stand, two brush heads and a very cool-looking design.

7. Butler Gum Crayola Power Toothbrush



The maker-shaped Crayola makes brushing teeth a fun activity. It features a suction cup to easily store the brush when the tot doesn’t use it, and oscillating soft bristles for a safe and gentle gum massage. For boys the Crayola comes in blue and for girls in red.

6. Colgate Kids Sponge Bob



We continue our list of electric toothbrushes for kids with a cool Colgate product that features the beloved squared-pants sponge, commonly known as Sponge Bob. The toothbrush features an oscillating head with soft bristles that cleans teeth as well as sweeping away plaque. It comes in various colors and designs.

5. Colgate Dora The Explorer



Teach your young daughter to explore the benefits of clean sparkling teeth and healthy gums with Colgate’s “Dora The Explorer” toothbrush. It has soft, round bristles especially designed for kid’s sensitive gums and it’s appropriate for ages between two and five. In addition, the colored dot placed in the center tells the kid what amount of toothpaste to use.

4. Spinbrush Spiderman



Is your kid a enthusiastic fan of Spiderman? Then this Spinbrush battery powered toothbrush that features Spiderman would not only make him happy, but also stimulate the tot to brush without you telling him each time. A study showed that kids using Spinbrush’s products brush 38% longer than with other products.

3. Oral-B Stages Disney Pixar WALL-E



Children will instantly fall in love with Oral-B’s Stages Disney Pixar WALL-E. The product is battery powered and will help the child thoroughly but gently clean his or hers gums and teeth. Due to its design the toothbrush reaches even the less accessible parts of the mouth.

2. Colgate Barbie



Inspired from the fashion doll launched in March 1959 that quickly became an icon for every teenage girl, the Colgate Barbie-themed electrical toothbrush will encourage your young daughter to brush more while enjoying a cool-looking “gadget”. Brush head is not replaceable.

1. Philips Sonicare HX6311



We finally reached the end of out top electric toothbrushes for kids with one of the most popular choices among kids and parents, the Philips Sonycare HX6311, a clever powered toothbrush that has adjustable speeds for different ages (slower for ages of four and more, faster for ages of seven and more). It has an ergonomic design, and interchangeable panels for customization.

So, which one of these would you buy for your youngster?