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Kids need to play, it’s what they do! But sometimes it can be hard to find a good game for your child. If you’re searching for some games for girls you need to know that you have to search further than the average makeup/Disney princess/makeover/fashion/dating/cooking/Barbie games that are sexist and aren’t doing your kid any favors. If you want your child to learn about interesting things, if you want your little girl to be interested in much more than makeup and clothes, you need to stimulate their intelligence. Today we’ve got 10 awesome types of games for girls, so read on and enjoy!

10. Board Gamesgames for girls monopoly

Board games are perfect for any age and any gender. The great thing about board games, aside from the fact that they never get old, is that your little girl gets to interact with others, instead of spending time in front of the computer. Some popular board games suitable for kids include: Monopoly, Dixit, Scrabble, Risk, Clue, Checkers, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan.

9. Strategy Gamesgames for girls europe universalis 4

Some people say that strategy games aren’t for girls. Well, those people aren’t just deeply wrong, but they’re also very ignorant and sexist. Encourage your young daughter to play strategy games! Some really popular PC strategy games include: Civilization V, Age of Wonders 3 or Europa Universalis 4.

8. Hidden Object Gamesgames for girls little shop of treasures 2

Hidden object games are very captivating and can be quite addictive. If your daughter doesn’t like action-packed games and is more oriented towards peaceful games, then she would love hidden object games. Great hidden object games include: Little Shop of Treasures 2, Return to Ravenhearst, Hidden Objects – Noah’s Ark and Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy.

7. Educational Gamesgames for girls educational

The Internet’s full of educational games for children. Try some games that will go hand in hand with school, such as games that will teach your daughter math. They’re both fun and educational and she’s learning without feeling like it’s a chore. Academics is a great place to find all types of fun educational games.

6. Racing Gamesgames for girls need for speed

But girls don’t like cars, do they? Don’t even go there, please! Girls are people, too and some people like to play with cars and even like racing games. You should give your daughter a racing game to play and see if she likes it. Some really good ones, that are recommended for kids include: Cars, Need for Speed and Hot Wheels.

5. Mazesgames for girls maze games

Who doesn’t like a little game that involves massive amounts of concentration? Be careful about which ones you choose, as there are several maze games online that involve a screaming scary face at the end of the maze that can literally scare the bejesus out of you and everyone you know. You want your child to be entertained, not traumatized for life.

4. Puzzlesgames for girls puzzle

Puzzles are extremely fun and utterly timeless. Both girls and boys can enjoy a great puzzle, so go to the nearest toy store and get a large puzzle to get those heads thinking! We recommend you get your daughter an animal or nature puzzle. Let Barbie and Disney princesses rest for a while!

3. Role-Playing Gamesgames for girls ratatouille

Role-playing games aren’t just for adults. You can find plenty of RPG for kids! Ratatouille is a reat role-playing game that kids of all ages are going to enjoy, as is Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. Make sure you read up on a game before you buy it or before you let your girl play it, you don’t want to get her something with too much or any violence.

2. Adventure Gamesgames for girls adventure

Adventure games are great because they appeal to the child’s exuberance and never ending energy. If your daughter has too much energy, you can channel some of it into an adventure game. If your kid is still in primary school, then they will enjoy these great games from Primary Games, or try a game like Kenny’s Adventure.

1. Brain Gamesgames for girls brain games

Brain games are highly popular these days and you should definitely introduce your girl to them. Did you know that playing brain games can actually improve the way your brain makes connections? Encourage your kid to play them as often as possible! Sharp Brains has an extensive list of brain games and teasers that are going to keep your daughter busy!

We don’t recommend shooter games to children, so try not to buy them for your children.

What is your daughter’s favorite game? Share it with us and our readers in the comment section below.