Although still illegal in some parts of the world (if not most of them) Graffiti is considered a form of art, as it dates back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Covering different subjects, such as political views, entertainment, criticism, religion, and so forth, this form of art had grown popular pretty fast, especially in the teenage sector. While graffiti nowadays is viewed as a statement, a form of rebellion, many established artists – painters, graphic designers, writers – are not only recognizing the importance of this manifestation, but they’re also merging it with other form of arts. Taking graffiti from walls to canvas was just a matter of time; as such the graffiti canvas art emerged and we’re gonna put together 10 awesome creations. Enjoy.

10. In the city



This is a high resolution urban graffiti on canvas. Its size is 24 x 18 x 1.5 inch in landscape. The canvas is wrapped in a frame, giving it an aesthetic effect. The message of this drawing encapsulates the busy life of a city while drawing the viewer’s attention to what it can offer.

9. Bio Boy



Bio Boy is a reproduction after the original design created by Digifunk Graffiti Artist RYKE1. The vibrant color of the canvas has been achieved by using an eight color true pigment ink system. The finished canvas is stretched around a wooden box frame that comes in various sizes. Canvas’ size is 16×20”.

8. Mr. Marley



Lead singer of The Wailers and a immortal figure of our culture, Bob Marley’s legacy will forever go on. His music brought millions of people together under a single common cause: freedom. While many still comment about his methods, Bob Marley was a true artist that showed love, compassion and understanding to his fellow man. This canvas represents one of the greatest singers of the 20th century.

7. Dream of Big Brother



Cleverly named “Dream of Big Brother” the canvas depicts a person who has a camera for a head, voodoo dolls, and sleeves that are marked “fragile”. The message is a testimony of what Big Brother wants us to be, and can be interpreted in many ways. We leave that to you, so how about sharing with us what this graffiti on canvas tells you?

6. My Angry Face



Yet another high resolution urban graffiti art on canvas, the angry face. The canvas’ size is 24 x 18 x 1.5 inch landscape, and just as the other before is wrapped in a frame. “My angry face” takes the sixth place in our graffiti canvas art collection. Can you find some reasons to buy this canvas? Tell us what you think.

5. Cli Che



A clever wordplay, this canvas shows the famous Che Guevara – the man who led rebel forces against established governments in Latin America and his native country Cuba. Cli-che may point-out to the fact that since his image was printed on t-shirts, a trend emerged. Everyone went crazy for them, while many were not even aware of who this man was or what he did. Great work!

4. Collectivist Russia



Our number 4 out of 10 awesome graffiti canvas art is yet another strong political message, the “Collectivist Russia”. Collectivism is at the core of most socialist and communist societies, where people are viewed as a collective rather than an individual. “All for one, and one for all”, sort to speak. For this canvas you can choose the frame’s material: timber or aluminum.

3. Jazz Player



This beautiful work of art depicts a jazz player. What strikes as odd is the fact that the player looks Asian, although jazz had started out at the beginning of the 20th century in black communities in the Southern United States. Besides that, the colors are beautifully mastered, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

2. Mehr-Maid



As we reach the end of our graffiti canvas art, number two is taken by this beautiful lady created by Scottish stencil artist Frazier Boyd and┬áput on canvas by WhoArtNow. The canvas highlights a distressed lady that waits for her knight in shining armor. Maybe Cervantes’ (anti)hero Don Quixote will save her, one day.

1. Beetle Juice



Our last addition to the “10 awesome graffiti canvas art” is taken by an old and respected creature, the beetle. In ancient cultures, such as Ancient Egypt, the beetle has been regarded as the sacred scarab. The scarab was connected to Khepri – “he who has come into being” – or the God of the rising Sun.

Which one is your favorite?