10 Awesome Johnny Depp Quotes – 2014

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Johnny Depp is one of the most popular and talented actor of modern times. He has starred in hundreds of successful movies and has fascinated everyone with his brilliant performances in movies like Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Blow or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Johnny Depp is famous for his weird movie roles in which he often plays eccentric characters, both funny and a little creepy. He is also one sexy man and smart man, known for his inspirational quotes. It’s time to see some of the best Johnny Depp Quotes in 2014.

10. “We’re All Damaged in Our Own Way. Nobody’s Perfect. I Think We’re All Somewhat Screwy. Every Single One of Us.”

johnny depp quotes

Johnny Depp made perfect sense when he said this. No one is perfect but we just have to accept that in order to live a decent existence. All we can do is try to improve ourselves and do more good, help other who are less fortunate than us. This Johnny Depp quote is a perfect example of his deep mind.

9. “Life’s Pretty Good, and Why Wouldn’t It Be? I’m a Pirate, after All.”

johnny depp quotes

We just had to include this one in our list of quotes by Johnny Depp simply because it shows what a funny guy Johnny is. Whether he’s a pirate or a Mad Hatter, we love his very much. We wonder what his next tattoo will be. Or what movie or animated picture will he star in next. From this Johnny Depp quote we understand that being an actor, and having the possibility of being someone else with each role makes life exciting, thus beautiful.

8. “I Don’t Think Anybody’s Necessarily Ready for Death. You Can Only Hope That When It Approaches, You Feel like You’ve Said What You Wanted to Say. Nobody Wants to Go Out in Mid-sentence.”

johnny depp quotes

This is probably one of our favorite Johnny Depp quotes and one of the best examples of simple philosophical quotes by an actor. Johnny talks about how it’s important to be true to oneself because life is too short for regrets. Everyone should live life to their maximum potential and because one can never know when death will come.

7. “If You Love Two People at the Same Time, Choose the Second. Because, if You Really Loved the First One, You Wouldn’t Have Fallen for the Second.”

johnny depp quotes

Another example of Johnny Depp quotes that tell big truths about life. By saying this, Johnny will carry on being one of the smartest and fascinating actors in Hollywood.

6. “There Are Four Questions of Value in Life: What is Sacred? of What is the Spirit Made? What is Worth Living for? And What is Worth Dying for? The Answer to Each is the Same. Only Love.”

johnny depp quotes

On our list of quotes by Johnny Depp, this one has a special meaning because it talks about the one thing that keeps humans alive, love. Johnny nailed it perfectly explaining that everything we do, we do it for love and how sacred this is.

5. “The Only Creatures That Are Evolved Enough to Convey Pure Love Are Dogs and Infants.”

johnny depp quotes

Johnny is right, once again. As we all know, children and animals are the purest creatures on earth, and they are the only ones capable of giving and receiving the purest form of love. Johnny Depp is a father and he loves animals, so he should know.

4. “When Kids Hit One Year Old, It’s like Hanging out with a Miniature Drunk. You Have to Hold onto Them. They Bump into Things. They Laugh and Cry. They Urinate. They Vomit.”

johnny depp quotes

Ha ha ha. This is one of the funniest Johnny Depp quotes we’ve heard in a long time. He basically describes perfectly what it feels like to have a baby.

3. “My Daughter Was Asked by a Little Old Lady in a London Hotel Restaurant What Her Daddy Did. She Answered, ‘He’s a Pirate’ — I Was Very Proud of That Answer.”

johnny depp quotes

If Jonny Depp would have been our father and an old lady asked us what our father did, we would have added that he’s one of the most talented and original actors in Hollywood and on the planet and we’re really proud to be his kids.

2. “You Can’t Plan the Kind of Deep Love That Results in Children. Fatherhood Was Not a Conscious Decision. It Was Part of the Wonderful Ride I Was on. It Was Destiny; Kismet. All the Math Finally Worked.



If you didn’t know Johnny Depp is a bit of a mystic. He believes in fate and thinks that all things happen for a reason, nothing is coincidental. We totally agree with him.

1. “If There’s Any Message to My Work, It is Ultimately That It’s OK to Be Different, That It’s Good to Be Different, That We Should Question Ourselves before We Pass Judgment on Someone Who Looks Different, Behaves Different, Talks Different, is a Different Color.”

johnny depp quotes

This Johnny Depp quote says a lot about what kind of man Johnny is. He is a really good man, an open minded person and a tolerant one. He advises people not to judge others based on color, religion, gender or sexuality. Live and let live.

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