Forget about the fact that winter is coming up, focus on the spring after it, and take a look at these ten awesome landscape design photos. Allow yourself to be inspired, take some notes, take some tips and pointers and, once you’re done, you’ll have more than just the experience of having looked at beautiful photos. You’ll also have some great ideas to put into practice in your garden, come spring.

1. Go Zen

A Zen vibe is not all to hard to achieve in one’s garden. The first one of our landscape design photos proves this full well: all you need are plenty of natural stone types, broken into pieces and layered, so as to achieve a complex, rich textural and color effect. Add some shrubbery an flowers in pale, understated colors, but make sure to keep everything at a basic minimum, simple and streamlined, for Zen is a philosophy, and it’s all about restraint.

2. Country House Rhythm & Blues

The above heading and the next item on our landscape design photos list suggest that, when landscaping the front yard of an imposing country house, achieving a sense of order is one of the go-to methods. Pathways and stairs set in natural stone are great for such a design, especially when paired up with visible patches of soil and well kempt lawns.

3. Sprawling & Wild

This addition to our landscape design photos and ideas roster doesn’t suggest you should totally turn your yard into a mass of unkempt overgrowth. However, a little can go a long way, especially if you’re going for a natural, secret garden kind of look. Plant all sorts of ferns and shrubbery, make sure there are plenty of shaded areas in the yard and, for the rest, let nature follow its course.

4. Let Nature Follow Design

Take a look at the above landscape design photo and note how those tall, slim, superb evergreen trees spring toward the sky in a couple of sleek parallel lines. They look like a natural gateway to the house, and they are perfectly integrated on site, as they follow the basic, elongated design of this house. The potted rose bushes in the foreground add sophistication and flair to an otherwise simple design.

5. Modern Is Cool

If you’re landscaping the front yard of a modern villa with a minimalist design, you want to make sure the yard echoes the program of the home. In this example, the yard is paved in square slabs of stone, around which stalks of grass have sprouted. There are some potted plants and trees for shade and privacy, but the design has been kept on a horizontal coordinate, so as not to overpower the look of the home.

6. All the Pretty Colors

A more rustic look is beautifully complemented by multicolored plants, either placed in pots, or planted straight into the soil of the garden. With this look, you want to achieve a rainbow-like feel to the garden. Variety is also key here, and flowers are prominently featured, while shrubs and trees take the backseat.

7. Classical Waterworks

More classic homes fare great with a yard or garden that looks like a stately park. Paved, regular alleys, imposing trees, benches – and at the forefront of the design, a beautiful fountain. Note how this design is kept simple, yet elegant, as it is informed by the concept of ‘less is more,’ which works great in this particular instance.

8. Asian Forests

This landscape design photo features a typically Asian cherry wood portico, set amid a field of multicolored flowers and shrubs. It sits at the top of the hillock, while below extends a regular forest of sorts. This kind of front or back yard is meant to inspire peace and relaxation and invite meditation.

9. Fun in the Sun

For a less strict design, ideal for holiday homes, forget about paved alleys. Instead, make sure there access path to your pool is easily accessible, add some nice patio furniture and compile the garden design by putting together a wide range of flower species, in as many colors as possible. This design is relaxed and leisurely, and also does not involve a lot of maintenance.

10. ‘Marbelous’ Perfection

A garden set in marble, with pathways, benches and fountains in this noble material, is perfect for luxury homes, whose owners want their yards to match the lavish interiors. The grayish white marble is beautifully highlighted by the deep green of the trees and shrubs. No other colors are featured, as classical elegance is always about the perfect coordination of available elements.