Before we present our list of awesome less known movies, you will ask if you are fed up with seeing the same boilerplate movies over and again? Do they make you sick and tired to your guts when the youngsters drop down when they are fighting with the baddies? How about when the good guys save the lady just at the right time? If you are anything like this (not sure if that is a great or a bad trait), you are fed up with the overproduced, foreseeable movies that the show biz industry is pushing down our throats.

Often, we jam-pack them down, but their aftertaste is not always enjoyable – and at 10 dollars a ticket, when do we say that enough is enough? And this is where we come in. Now, we do not say that we are some type of film experts, but we have seen some decent ones, and like you, we are always looking for something relaxing, fulfilling and interesting.

So here it is, dear visitors: a list with the bets less know movies that you (maybe) have never heard of. Before we begin, there is a catch, as always. Some of the film fanatics know that these movies (even the B ones) have been seen in the film communities before and absolutely, there will be one opinion about the like this: “OMG! That is my preferred film, how can you say that?” And that is completely fine. Just keep in mind that this list is for the common moviegoer and possibilities are most individuals will at least pay attention to one of these ten films – and if so, our work here is completed. So, without further ado, here we go

10. The Perfect Host (2010)

The Perfect Host

The first film on the list is a little gemstone known as The Perfect Host featuring Clayne Crawford and David Hyde Pierce. In the film, escaping con man John Taylor (who is played by Crawford) makes his way into the home of Warwick Wilson (Hyde Pierce) just before the dinner gathering. The film starts by developing an exciting connection between the two figures while they talk about Warwick’s future dinner evening. The deception becomes bitter when Warwick understands David is an illegal con man, but the actual problems of the film only happen after Warwick’s dinner visitors appear and things get strange.

Though this movie was first presented at the Sundance Film Event, where it obtained worldwide popularity, it never got the complete attention it well deserves. The film had a restricted launch, and only gained a total of $48,000 in the US over the three months interval.

Besides the movie’s over-the-top expression of the higher-class people, David Hyde Pierce’s strangely true-to-life act of a delusional host that will do everything to amuse his visitors is enough to provide anyone the laughs. Think twice during the next occasion when you decide with which hand to eat your healthy salad.

9. Moon (2009)

Moon (2009)

The movie has Sam Rockwell and Sam Rockwell in it. Wait, what? This is one of Sam Rockwell fans’ wish come true. He is astronaut Sam Bell, an expert who is working on an exploration service on our own Moon. When Bell’s exploration vehicle has an accident, it triggers another identical Sam Bell who takes his position. The two fight over which one of them is actually Sam Bell. Is it real life, or is he just suffering from a little space madness? Bonuses for the filmmakers for having Kevin Spacey to offer his voice to Sam Bell’s automatic version.

Another Sundance preferred, but this movie actually did not have a very big income globally, such as the 3.5 million dollars from the US alone. It was neglected by the Academy specialists, despite Rockwell’s awesome acting. It seems whenever this film is brought up for conversation, no one heard of it. This film is traditional science fiction and requires us to return its roots in order to watch classic movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, Unfamiliar and THX.

A character who is engaged in a fringe movement that takes him on a strange and black trip through the roads of space discovery. With some famous concepts seen before, it is an excellent movie and atmosphere, with a great acting from Rockwell, this movie is one of our must see films.

8. The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)

The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)

The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977) represents a bit of guilty pleasure for some. We know that this movie might not be as anonymous as the others on the list might, but due to its classic vibe, we think that it has gained a well-deserved place on the list. The Kentucky Fried Movie is a result of raw and absolutely unpalatable skits (even is they are quite hilarious). Bill Bixby and Donald Sutherland make little cameos, but in the rest of it, the film is loaded with unknowns. The movie was created in 1977, and more likely that not, it would be given an NC-17 note by modern requirements.

TKFM was filmed on a low price range, only $650,000, but it managed handled to make 20 million globally (which is a lot in seventies money). The film has been neglected as of late because of its somewhat obsolete comedy style. If you were to present this movie to a 16 year old, they might probably not comprehend the perspective of the film’s comedy.

Besides being as unpalatable as a 70’s movie can get, this traditional movie assisted in setting up the professions of the composing group of Jerry Zucker, David Zucker and Jim Abrahams. These three authors went on to make such impressive titles like Police Squad!, Airplane!, Top Secret!, which later produced The Naked Gun series.

7. Hard Candy (2005)

Hard Candy (2005)

Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson star in this scary little story of vengeance. Hard Candy has Page as Hayley Stark and Wilson as Jeff Kohlver. After the two talk online, they accept to meet in person. Hayley Stark, who is underage, persuades him to take her to his place and he accepts. After drugging him, she begins to psychologically torture him and attempts to convince him to confess the killing of a missing girl from the town. Throughout the movie, the two have a fight of senses, as Hayley consistently tries to persuade Jeff to kill himself because these claimed criminal offenses.

Because of the topic of this movie, the studio room provided it a budget of less than one million dollars and was shot in only 18 days. Another Sundance movie, the film never had its complete nation-wide launch. Despite its restricted presentation, Hard Candy still gathered 7 million dollars globally, but with only one being from the US.

Of course, as it gets further into the action under the personalities of the characters, the things certainly become quite cloudy and they are being affected by the ethical problems, remaining in charge despite the current conditions and keeping in touch with reality. The chemistry between Stark and Kohlver is excellent, and the film does a really amazing job for the viewers, making it challenging for them to know what they should be expecting for the characters in the end.

While the topic of this movie is a rather taboo one, I discovered the characters of Jeff and Hayley to be extremely amazing (mostly due to the awesome impressive acting of Page and Wilson). During the movie, the good character and villain change positions, and at some point in it, you cannot help but to feel bad for his personage even though he is apparently getting his “just sweets”. There are areas of this film that seriously make you wince, and at one point, you will even want to cheer for the characters. Praises go to Page for the acting as the psychotic Stark in the psychological thriller.

6. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

In the movie The Assassination (we will refer to it wit this title for all intents and purposes of convenience), Brad Pitt is the popular US outlaw Jesse James together with Casey Affleck who plays the misleading Robert ford. The movie’s action occurs during the last few several weeks of Jesse James’ life that ends up with his killing by the dangerous Robert Ford. At that point in life, Jesse James has turned into an annoying and untrusting leader of criminal activities. When he meets Robert Ford, the latter does anything to get his approval into James’ gang of outlaws. Once in, Ford’s real idolization of Jesse James becomes jealousy and drives Ford over his head. Ford attacks when he has the best chance to finish his dangerous act of treason.

The Assassination earned only 4 million dollars in the US and gained roughly 1 million in UK. With a budget of around 30 million, we would have to tell you that this film tanked when it was launched because of its restricted distribution. Even more, The Assassination has had almost 9 million dollars in DVD revenue. Despite the figures, the film still is higher up on many top 10 films of 2007 listings and was even selected at the Academy Awards (for Best Actor in a Supporting Role with Casey Affleck).

Pitt offers a great acting as the notorious Jesse James. In the movie, he is seen as a distant, weird and short-tempered character – Brad Pitt truly nailed this one role with his stoic expression of a man who is at his end. Props go to Casey Affleck for being the guy you can really like to dislike in Robert Ford. This story of woe is centered on the 1983 book with the same title, and we think that this movie does it right all around. There is nothing greater than an awesome healthy story of jealously, avarice and intensity.

5. Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006)

Wristcutters A Love Story (2006)

In the film Wristcutters: A Love Story, Shannyn Sossamon, Patrick Fugit and Shea Whigham are three post-mortem thirty-something people who are trapped in an unusual purgatory exclusively arranged for those who have killed themselves. In this unusual roam, the individuals stay much as they did in their actual life except for work, money, companies etc. When Zia (Fugit) finds out about a gossip that his ex sweetheart has committed suicide and is residing in the purgatory, Mikal (Sossamon) and Eugene (Whigham) go along with him on a trip to find her. On this trip, the group of three comes across some fairly exciting figures and situations.

Wristcutters initially was presented at the Sundance Film Festival, but it was grabbed for a restricted launch and soon after an extended launch. Overall, the movie only made just under 100,000 in the country. Despite these low figures, DVD revenues and reputation in the online world have given it a huge cult following.

The film’s creepily grayscale visuals give a haunting impression of purgatory to the viewers – providing us the all-important spooky sensation while seeing it. In the movie, the characters cannot laugh and they have no actual objectives – exactly how we think living in purgatory would be. Wristcutters also has additional points for its cameo by Will Arnett.

4. Ink (2009)

Ink (2009)

This is a sci-fi story tale where the “Storytellers” go across the space to provide dreams to all the sleepers around the globe. Of course, there are also the harmful “Incubi” whose main objective is to uncover the very substance of the Storytellers and terrorize their drowsy victims with terrible and vicious nightmares. The center of these situations facilities go around an animal known as Ink that kidnaps a little girl and hoping to use her to get accepted into the Incubi group. The Storytellers have to track down the Ink while battling for life against the wicked Incubi. The celebrities in the movie are Chris Kelly, Jessica Duffy and Quinn Hunchar.

Ink was presented at the Santa Barbra International Film Festival, but it was never selected by an important studio company for launch in cinemas or DVD. DVD revenues can be bought straight through the production companies. During 2009, the online distributors acquired the rights to the movie. The film has gathered a cult following thanks mostly to its illegal downloads which have gotten over 400,000 over the years.

You will really like this movie (one of the most unusual from this top) simply because of its unique concept and capability to make an excellent storyline (along with its effects) with the low budget. That just goes to confirm that not all good films are necessarily popular blockbusters jammed with famous stars. This independent film is a traditional battle of good versus evil with actual topics of family principles and gender roles.

3. Bully (2001)

Bully (2001)

This is the real story of the killing of Bobby Kent and features Rachel Minor, Bijou Phillips, Brad Renfro, Mike Pitt, Nick Stahl, Kelli Garner Leo Fitzpatrick and Daniel Franzese. During 1993 (even if the film takes place in 2001), a number of friends in Southern Florida want to get even on another one of them who has bullied them by planning to kill him. The team, known as Broward County Seven, take Kent (who is played by Stahl) far out to the swamps, kill him and get rid of his body. After this, the teenagers, one by one, become tormented by their own shame and begin ratting themselves to the local authorities.

The film managed to earn $500,000 to the box office, but it had a budget of more than of 2 million dollars. The movie overall was considered adversely by most experts and viewers despite the famous critic Roger Ebert offering it a four-star evaluation.

This film basically strikes home for many fans. Having read in the mass-media and seeing details about the real-life killing of Bobby Kent, there have always been gossips and facts about why they did it. The cast of actors, having also the late Renfro, truly presents the villainous teenagers within a gritty reality. Nick Stahl’s acting as Bobby Kent really gets into your head and it seems like it makes you to feel bad for the killers to the point where it almost is forgotten that they are killers.

2. Humble Pie (2007)

Humble Pie (2007)

This film is a story tale about a younger guy known as Tracy Orbison (Hubbel Palmer) whose goal is becoming a popular actor despite weighing over 300 lbs. Throughout the movie, Tracy communicates with many different figures while working at a food market. Each new connection gets forth another doubter of his desire, but he continues to be highly motivated throughout these encounters.

Humble Pie only started out on a few cinemas across America and made a total of under $4,000 dollars. The movie never got full interest, and it was only offered on instant stream on the Internet for just a few months.

This honest film captured many viewers’ interest when they first signed up to see it. Throughout the movie, we follow the life of Tracy during which he meets a bunch of negative people out there, but continues to be truly positive about his upcoming – and knowing that he is destined for success, despite the negative ideas that encompass him.

1. Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

Wet Hot America Summer is the big name dropper for the list of less known movies, but still great nonetheless. Not because it was some type of blockbuster making a splash on the big screen, but because of the flicks cast and cameos. So, were there any celebrities in the show biz industry that were not in this film? Well, yes there were. But still, this has a few stars that you might have heard of before. Ready? The movie Wet Hot America Summer has in it David Hyde Pierce, Janeane Garofalo, Michael Showalter, Paul Rudd, Michael Ian Black, Christopher Meloni, Joe Lo Truglio, Molly Shannon, Elizabeth Banks, Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper.

The movie takes place during the beginning of the 80’s and is focused on a number of camping therapists during the last day of camping (or the Jewish Camp, as it is known in the film). Many different figures are trying to accomplish their own purpose before the last day while, of course, it all depends upon the camping’s farewell talent competition.

Wet Hot America Summer was presented at the Sundance Film Festival and it sold out every screening, but it was never selected by an important studio. The movie’s budget was especially listed at only 1.8 million dollars, but later it was exposed to have a budget of more than 5 million while trying to get some interest from the distributors. The movie was originally offered a 2-screen launch, but it was increased to 30 screens and it made just over $300,000.

This film tells us about an easier period of time in each of our life, a moment where many people our age were trapped going to camping. Okay, let us be real, some of our parents never sent us to camping, but there are some awesome 80’s camping movies which made us feel like we really were there. Well, maybe not really, but still they were fun to look at anyways. This crazy funny film satires the whole 80’s atmosphere and has celebrities who are way mature than the characters to increase the humor.

Congratulations! If you have really made it to the end of the list (without going over it) allow yourself a moment of self-respect! We hope you discovered at least one of these films to be worthy of your attention and give it a couple of hours to watch it. As an online customer, you will invest a lot of time surfing around through the Internet movie collections, looking for the best films available and trying to be on top of any new inclusions in their film collection.

There are a lot of films on there, some of them are fairly bad. However, all over the online world, there are also some really interesting movies spread out there and we wanted to put together some details of the best films available, and less known, for immediate streaming for a wide range of preferences. We have began with a dark humor film, got through several genres and ended up with a light comedy, which is one of the more effective selections provided in regards to movie top quality.

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