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Check out these ten awesome interactive maps which might be useful and truly inspiring for all of you. They are clever, funny, colorful and informative! Enjoy!

Capitals of every country:

Which web service or website is more popular? See the web trends here:

An interactive map of the Simpsons’ Springfield:

Shanghai Pixel Map:

Explore and learn more about Africa:

The best places to go in 2010:

Find out who is listening to what and where in this music map:

Oh boy, this is a subway network from Shanghai, China:

Create your first mind map!

New York City in 8-bit:

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  1. kizi@kizi.ws' Kizi says:

    Thank you very much for your post! Very interested in your opinion.

  2. j-p-b-8@hotmail.co.uk' William says:

    Well, well, well. You’ve really done it this time. We all knew you could do it. These maps have literally changed my life. You’ve made learning fun! Where do you live? Maybe we could have a car ride together using an A-Z map to navigate. What A- Z do you recommend? (tom-tom). I need you. I’d be lost without you, your dearest friend, Sir William x age 47. Father to a child. Son to a dad. Raised by the great african wolf pack ‘Wolf Time’. My wolf name is Mr Lord Sugar. But you may call me Mary. Bestest most greatest most handsome most courageous lion hearted dragon slaying map lover this side of the moon. God bless you, god bless me, god bless life. yours unquestionably, Bill. xxxx

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