Maui Beaches

Maui Beaches


Maui is the second-largest Hawaiian island and among the top twenty-seven islands of the USA. Like many other territories of its kind, it manages to prosper mostly through tourism and the pristine beauty that its beaches can offer to visitors. However, if you wish to journey to Maui for a unique exotic escapade, it won’t be enough to simply say, “That’s it. I’m going to Maui.” It doesn’t have just one beach, all thanks to its size. With all these considered, your main question would be – which of these beaches is the one that you really want to visit? We’re going to come forth with some answers as we present some of the most beautiful and visit-worthy Maui beaches.

#1 Makena Beach

Makena Beach is known for the fact that it covers enough territory to be split into two distinct beaches, the Big Beach and the Little Beach, with three entrances making access possible to either of them. The primary entrance is the largest and provides a spacious parking spot for all those who wish to arrive at their moment of relaxation via car. Aside from the casual sunbathing and swimming, other things you can do include excellent photography and constantly watching your back for random ocean behavior changes.

#2 Mokulei’a Bay Beach

Mokulei’a is located 2.5 miles away from Kapalua and part of its beauty is that it’s one of those hidden locations making for a perfect runaway. It’s not immediately visible and, instead, requires for tourists to locate a parking lot to discover its location. Afterwards, they need to climb down a lengthy set of stairs and walk for several minutes until they actually reach the beach.

#3 Kama’ole Beach Parks

A total of three beaches make up the Kama’ole set of beaches. The first one is the largest and is the most ideal destination for groups of friends seeking to both relax and enjoy some activities on a space wide enough to allow it. The second is generally a great spot for surfing, while the third one is a hotspot for locals because it’s usually the host of plenty of picnics and barbeques.

#4 Ka’anapali Beach

Versatility is a truly important thing in life, especially from a sales perspective. If Maui were a salesperson, then Ka’anapali would be the ace up its sleeve. It provides the classy exotic experience of a day spent walking on soft, golden sand and swimming in a crystal clear ocean. But it’s more than that. Those who want more can head for one of the many restaurants and shops nearby or engage in one of the many water activities, one of which involves jumping off a lava rock formation into the ocean.

#5 Napili Bay Beach

Maui Beaches


With all the risk that comes from making a pun, we have to say that this location really puts the nap in Napili. Not because it’s boring, but, rather, because you might end up feeling so relaxed you’ll fall asleep. Just as a small tip, if you really want a unique experience, head to Honokeana Cove, where you can snorkel in the home of Hawaiian sea turtles.

#6 Kalama Beach Park

Kalama Beach is the perfect example that you can use all the space for plenty of other activities. The land is vast, though there isn’t that much sand covering it. As a result, the park is now mostly used for sports such as volleyball or basketball. In fact, the beach shelters a specially designed volleyball court with a fantastic lightning during nighttime.

#7 Baldwin Beach Park

Baldwin Beach is truly a gem for Maui, mostly thanks to its location. The beach is only a couple of minutes away e Historic Town of Paia, which you can directly head for as a conclusion to your day of sunbathing and swimming. It’s probably the best location for those with children thanks to the so-called Baby Beach, which is located in the heart of a reef that allows for calm water and safe swimming.

#8 Mai Poina ‘Oe Ia’u Beach

Mai Poina is the queen of deserted beaches and it’s the number spot to head for in case you want to elude human interaction. You can walk for entire tens of minutes on the shore and enjoy the natural and pristine view without spotting too many people.

#9 Cove Park

We can’t exactly recommend Cove Park for a typical day at the beach, mostly because the water tends to get a little bit muddy and the beach doesn’t provide any facilities or lifeguards. However, it’s definitely a hotspot for surfers all around Maui. If this is an activity you want to indulge in, this is where you need to go.

#10 Keawakapu Beach

If you’re the type who enjoys capturing the best of what the landscape has to offer, head for this beach, which is a favorite both among locals and tourist families who want to be photographed for the most beautiful family photo.