Decorating the interior of our habitat has been a creative activity of ours ever since we’ve started living in caves. Now, interior design has become not only a profitable business, but also a form of art, an expression of our personalities. From personalizing the rooms’ colors, to having the most wicked and out of the ordinary items installed in the house, interior designers and modern technology has helped with quenching our thirst for innovation. And speaking of interior designers, this profession has been the result of our development as society, as well as the quick industrialization during the decades. In ancient India, architects were often regarded as interior designers. Today’s list is going to offer you a variety of modern table lamps to use in your home.

10. Pearson Table Lamp



Chic curves and high finishes make this lamp a superb item. The Pearson Table Lamp looks amazing and fits any living room’s end table, or a night stand placed in the bedroom. It is made from pecan wood with brushed nickel accents, and topped with a high quality fabric linen shade in a warm tan color.

9. Pimento Table Lamp



A unique table lamp to ensure you get noticed in your home. The Pimento Table Lamp has the kind of look that’s impossible to ignore, and adds distinct style to any space. With a look inspired by lounge lighting, the Pimento Table Lamp will have your home looking chic. It has a rootbeer finish and a bronze aluminum shade.

8. 1960 Table Lamp



Our list of modern table lamps continues with this stylish mod, as it’s name would imply is inspired by classic designs of the 1960’s. It has a combination brown wood & brushed nickel finish, with opal glass shades. It uses 2 40W medium bulbs, and operates on a dimmer switch.

7. Philips LivingColors Translucent LED Lamp



Endless colors at your fingertips is what this modern table lamp screams. The LivingColors lamp has a distinctive look that will most definitely surprise anyone seeing it. The product’s diodes can be increased, reduced, brightened or dimmed to produce a total of 16 million different color combinations.

6. Light Cape Breton Table Lamp



Cape Breton Table Lamp with Burlap Shade is a rectangular 2 light lamp with a cement base which has been covered in shells and sits on a black flat wood stand. Two short black wood poles hold a rectangular burlap shade. This is a heavy lamp, and measures 25.5″ wide x 6.5″ deep x 17.5″ to top of shade. The shade measures 28″ wide x 9″ deep x 8″ high.

5. Solaris Table Lamp



Our number five our of ten modern table lamps is the tall silk-like fabric cylinder shade with perforations that form multiple circles which glisten when the lamp is lit. The lamp features a touch sensor switch, satin steel pole and base, giving it a sleek and modern design.

4. Cactus Table Lamp



This one has been designed by Miguel Herranz for LZF. The lamp’s volume is one of its main features, catching everyone’s attention even when it’s turned off. Turn it on and its beauty will show off, thanks to intelligent design achieved by the overlapping of the wood veneer.

3. Roland Simmons Lumalight



Roland Simmon’s Lumalight is combining both beauty and usefulness to create a modern looking accessory for any room. It is available in a variety of colors – old gold, flame red, stone beige, natural white, and canary yellow, while made of corrugated parchment.

2. Gus Modern Lightbox



Using roto-molded plastic, Gus created a seamless cube with many uses. A stool, an end table or nightstand, or an attractive lamp, the Lightbox can add a cubical glow to any space big enough for an 18 inch cube. The product supports up to 200 lbs.

1. Estiluz Tovier M-2404



The M-2404 Table Lamp, designed by Dikas Design, is a contemporary work of art that will look great in your home. This table lamp features a sleek brushed nickel finish that is wonderfully complemented by a soothing hand-blown white cased glass shade.

We conclude our list for today here and ask you: which of these ten modern table lamps fits your taste ?