Did you ever lie on your back, in the grass, and watch the clouds go by when you were a child? This imagination exercise helped you discover many awesome and strange shapes, unbelievably close to the reality, right? If you liked that game, let us play it once more. What do you see in these pictures?

1. Mount Fuji wears a hat


If you want the scientific description, than on top of Mount Fuji we have a lenticular cloud, which is not uncommon at high altitudes, especially over the mountains. However, you want to forget the theory and to start playing, well… here we have a chic lady who is wearing an exquisite hat.

2. The Popcorn Bag


This amazing picture is all about the clouds. These ones seem to be as fluffy as cotton. The blue color and the light passing through may make you wonder who was lucky enough to witness and to capture this unrealistic image. It looks like popcorn, a huge popcorn bag.

3. Heaven


This is what heaven should look like, in my view. I can almost visualize little, chubby angels jumping around and playing their harps.

4. The Tornado


The lenticular cloud formed above Hurricane Ridge looks exactly as if we were witnessing a tornado approaching; a tornado looking cloud over Hurricane Ridge. Weird, right?

5. Darkness Approaching

darkness approaching

Seeing this sight in reality would really terrify us. One definitely wouldn’t want to be caught by the approaching dark, sinister cloud. As a picture though, it is simply a breath taking capture.

6. The upside down sea

upside down sea

This photo is truly outstanding, needless to say why. The contrast between the light color of the grains and road and the intense sapphire, ink  and grey tones of the clouds make this photo a work of art. It just looks as the sea turned upside down.

7. The Curtain

the curtain

This is a magnificent picture featuring not only the most improbable cloud shape I’ve ever seen, and a great house design as well. Together, they make a photo which is worth taking a second look : it seems like a huge curtain is about to cover this futuristic home.

8.  The God of the Sea

god of the sea

It’s a boat! No, it’s a shoe! No, no, that’s it, I found it! It’s a huge man (right) pointing with his rusty hand towards the sea! The delicate light surrounding the ‘the head’ of the giant gives it the look of a god from Mount Olympus. Well, whatever you decide, it is also a very nice shot!

9. Globes


These cloud formations are totally different from everything I’ve seen before! These amazing globes look as if somebody had attached them one to another with his own hands. The grey color  is also great because it gives the illusion of fragility and transparence. Have you ever seen something similar?

10. UFO


If the shape of this cloud undoubtedly reminded you of an UFO, don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the only one…the lenticular cloud presented in this picture often takes the shape of a space ship, which caused some people to reportit as an alien encounter.

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