cool reading nook

Finding the proper place to read a book is not the easiest task in the world. My favorite spot, for example, is reading in bed, before going to sleep. Other people prefer the park, while others get a good amount of reading done while on the subway. But let’s imagine that you don’t always have the opportunity to leave the house in order to read a book and you have to create your own little special indoor place for it. So here are ten awesome reading nook ideas (most of which you can create by yourself with a little bit of work).

1. Reading nook overlooking the sea

When you are indoor, probably the best place to do some reading is near a window, because you get natural light. And if your home is overlooking the sea (you lucky dog) or a lake, than you must not pass the opportunity to transform a simple window into an inspirational reading nook. If you window was not designed like the one in the picture above, some modifications will be necessary, but afterwards, all you will need is a big comfy cushion a nice mug with your favorite reading drink.

2. Tent reading nook

Sometimes is hard to fit in your home a reading nook, especially of you don’t have enough space. But this cool idea, let’s you transform any place you want in an awesome reading nook. Use a tent structure which is easy to fold and unfold and can transform any place. Just like the sofa in the picture above.

3. Stair reading nook

Now, this is a place, we don’t often use and if we do, it’s just there to store stuff. But you can easily transform it into a cool and private reading nook, where you will not be bothered. Just make sure you talk to a person specialized in renovating home, before you start the project.

4. Sofa and curtains reading nook

Curtains can transform any place into a private reading nook. If you have a sofa or a big armchair, which you keep more or less against the wall, then adding curtains can offer that sought after privacy you need when reading. And the cool part: when you are not reading, you can pull the curtains aside and give your home a great look.

5. Attic reading nook

Another place we only use for storage which we can easily transform into an intimate reading nook. Just make sure you get some natural light, because attics are usually pretty dark.

6. Bookcase reading nook

Now this is a great idea that combines a lounge space with a bookcase. Not to mention that it is so convening to have all your books with you when you are reading. You have a light source just above your head, making it easy for you to read. The downside is that you are pretty exposed, so this idea would be awesome if you lived by yourself.

7. Books and sofa

This is a great idea you can make by yourself (if you are crafty and know how to work with a screwdriver) or you can have it custom made. The first step is to find the perfect corner to set up your reading nook. Then you need to develop the furniture, so as to create a space that incorporates both a bookcase and a sofa. Starting with the design in the picture above, you can leave your imagination to work for you and adapt the idea to your personal space.

8. The hobbit reading nook

We are going to need plenty of wood for this project and when you’re done you will have the perfect setting for reading Lord of the Rings, Jules Verne books and so on.

9. The hanging reading nook

Never thought you can have you own swing in the house? Now you can have one, with double functionality: reading nook and fun swing. Use a strong fabric in a cute color and hang it form the ceiling. Add a fluffy pillow and you are ready to start reading.

10. The old-fashioned fluffy chair

We’re ending out list of comfortable reading nooks with the simplest idea of all, an idea with requires little money: the fluffy chair. You can put it next to a window or wherever you like and get it out of the way when you are not using it.

What does your reading nook look like?