red hair color ideas orange red rachel

Looking for a different and unique hair color for this fall/winter? Ombre hair is out, red hair is in! We’ve got some great red hair color ideas? If you don’t know which shade of red to choose for your black, brown or blonde hair, then you’ve come to the right place! Last week we gave you some awesome short haircuts for women and today we’re going to take a look at some 10 awesome red hair color ideas for women that were popular in 2013, are popular now and most likely are going to make it well into 2015.

10. Red Hair Color Ideas: Deep Plum Redred hair color ideas deep plum red ariana

As you can see in the above picture, singer Ariana Grande sports a wonderful deep plum red hair color that looks quite great on her. It’s not just because she’s young and beautiful, plum red suits light, medium and dark complexions. It’s also great for women of all ages, because it’s not too in-your-face.

9. Red Hair Color Ideas: Orange Redred hair color ideas orange red rachel

Rachel McAdams looks gorgeous with this orange red hair color. This red is a mixture between light ginger and blonde and it goes well with light and bright complexions. Be careful that, as opposed to the deep plum red, this orange red is quite tricky on a lot of complexions, so ask your stylist if it’s the right color for you.

8. Red Hair Color Ideas: Golden Redred hair color ideas golden red elle

Elle McPherson has been a blonde all her life, so we were a little surprised to see her try this golden red. Fortunately, this works perfectly on her. If you’re looking for red and blonde hair color ideas, try this light golden shade of red, even a strawberry red. Ask your stylist about how to keep it shiny because this color tends to fade fast.

7. Red Hair Color Ideas: Peachy Orange Redred hair color ideas peachy orange red blake

Although this shade of red closely resembles the color Rachel McAdams’ hair is, the shade Blake has is a tiny bit warmer. It’s perfect for her complexion and it’s a nice surprise coming from her, knowing how much she loves the color blonde on her own hair. Blake Lively looks gorgeous no matter what she does, but if you think that may not be the case with you, consult with your stylist.

6. Red Hair Color Ideas: Copper Highlightsred hair color ideas copper highlights eva

In this photo, Eva Longoria sports some awesome copper highlights in her brunette hair. Brunettes, take notice, because this is how you do streaked brown and red hair. Just enough for people to notice, but not too much so as it pops. More brown red hair color ideas include ombre, although it’s starting to lose its popularity quite fast.

5. Red Hair Color Ideas: Bright Redred hair color ideas bright red rihanna

Rihanna’s hair has been every color in existence, from purple pink to brownish blue but one of the most amazing colors her hair has been is this bright, almost fire-truck red. If you’re looking for red and black hair color ideas, choose this shade of red and you’ll definitely turn a lot of heads. Make sure you’re the type of person who enjoys attention, because with this bright red, you’ll be getting plenty of it.

4. Red Hair Color Ideas: Auburn Redred hair color ideas auburn red emma

Dark red hair color ideas include this fantastic auburn red that actress Emma Stone is sporting. This particular hair color looks splendid with fair complexions, but it can also be pulled off by people with medium complexions. Our advice is to always go to a stylist when you’re thinking about changing your hair color.

3. Red Hair Color Ideas: Medium Auburnred hair color ideas medium auburn juliane

Julianne Moore is the quintessential red-haired beauty. Her natural hair is red, but she is known to mix things up and go one shade or two shades lighter or darker, be it for a movie or personal preference. The combination between medium auburn and a fair complexion is a match made in heaven. Make sure you’re diligent about the coloring and keep your locks hydrated and shiny.

2. Red Hair Color Ideas: Rose Gold Redred hair color ideas rose gold red jessica

Jessica Chastain is a gorgeous woman with gorgeous hair. Her rose gold red locks tamed into a vintage hairdo look picture perfect. It’s a great hair color if your natural hair color is blonde or light brunette with blonde overtones. You should know that this particular color needs some TLC.

1. Red Hair Color Ideas: Shiny Copperred hair color ideas shiny copper christina

Voluptuous Christina Hendricks is a sexy bombshell with her shinny copper hair and gorgeous face. This particular shade of red suits her pale complexion. You might have noticed a pattern here: red goes well with pale and fair complexions. If you have olive skin or fair skin with yellow undertones, you should stay away from light reds or choose darker ones.

If you’re looking for more funky red hair color ideas, we suggest you try Tumblr, Pintrest or do a simple Google Image search for pictures of red hair. Don’t forget to have fun with it, it’s only hair and it grows back!