It’s getting cold outside and you want windows that will keep your home warm and energy efficient. Not to mention that, if you’re considering replacement windows CT, you want the best designs, that will suit your home’s overall design vibe, as well as your personality as a modern home owner. Well, allow us to tell you that you’ve come to the right place in your searches, as the following article discusses the best looking and most cost-effective windows that your home could ever boast.

1. Double Hung Windows in Natural Wood

Double hung windows are all about timeless elegance and a classical style. The particular design featured here can be tilted-in for easy cleaning. Its grilled look features a traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery aspect. Enjoy the ample view on your yard with this style, and revel in knowing that your home’s classic air is wholly observed.

2. Casement Windows

Casement windows are perfect if you’re looking for a design to provide a maximum of ventilation, as well as an unhindered view out onto your patio, terrace, pool or garden. Note how, in this particular design, the window frames are the same color as the apparent wooden girders, in a design move that gives the room a unitary feel and look

3. Sliding / Gliding Windows

Simply put, sliding / gliding windows are all about more glass and less frame. They are also about using your space to the best of its potential, thus making them the optimal choice for smaller homes, or even urban condos. They are mounted on a smooth, easy-to-maintain set of tracks and can be easily lifted out whenever you want to clean them.

4. Bay / Bow Windows

Bay or bow windows epitomize the classical look for home improvements and window replacement. Besides the fact that they add a perennially classic feel to any living or dining area, they also expand the space ever so slightly. You can use the window sill as storage space for books, flowers or decorative items, or even create a small seating space. You don’t necessarily have to have a bay or bow window already, in order to have one put in, as they are versatile and adaptable to any room structure.

5. Picture Windows

Picture windows are great to open up your view, your eyes and your entire world to the beauty and excitement of what lies on the other side of the glass pane. Why not take advantage of your area’s great scenery, if you’re given the chance? Make your picture window as large as possible, so as to obtain an immersive experience for home dwellers and visitors alike.

6. Combination Windows

Truth be told, replacement windows are a technology as much as they are an art, and, like any art, they allow for and even encourage combinations. You can combine casement, double-hung, gliding, awning and picture window designs, to get just the look you’re aiming for. The design featured here is a picture window, framed by two double hung window sections, and we think the end result works like a charm.

7. Semi-Circular Double Hung Windows in White

This more creative approach to the double hung window closely follows the semi-circular contour of a section of the home’s living area. On the inside, feel free to set up a reading or leisure area right by this ample window, or simply adorn it with living plants that will be glad to soak up the sun you provide them with. Since this a double-hung window, both the upper and lower sash can be opened, for maximum ventilation.

8. Grilled Casement Windows

This particular design is featured due to its placement – right above the kitchen countertop. It goes to show that casement windows are a great choice for any space where you require a reach to open the window. In addition, having such windows installed in your kitchen is a great choice, since they allow for easy cleaning from the inside.

9. Awning Windows

Awning windows are great for areas where the cold and rainy season tends to last longer than in other places. Their main perk is that they allow you to let the cool breeze come in even if it’s raining, without having to worry that your room will get soaking wet or even flooded. Feel free to create your own tailor-made solution, by combining the awning window with any other style.

10. Specialty Windows

Specialty windows are a choice to consider if you really want to give your home a unique flair and a personality like none other on the block. You can choose from a wide range of geometric shapes, or select a design with an old world flair. The choice is yours – just make sure to choose something that works well with the overall look of the neighborhood and with the rest of your home design vision.