10 Awesome Secluded Vacation Spots To Check Out

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Sometimes you just want to escape and leave all your concerns behind. Sometimes all you want to do is call off a whole week from work and run away to a deserted island, distanced from communication and human interaction. Well, in this case, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of amazing secluded vacation spots that you can travel to whether you want to spend some time by yourself to clear your thoughts or take your lover and go on a romantic getaway.

#1 Secret Bay, West Indies

Secluded Vacation Spots


There is a reason why there is the word “secret” slipped in the name of this location. It’s a widely popular destination choice for those who wish to lock themselves away from civilization for a few days, couples especially. The astonishing thing about Secret Bay is that it’s entirely eco-friendly, with the construction itself having been built to resonate with the natural beauty in the heart of which it stands.

#2 Fogo Island Inn

Located on the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland, access to Fogo Island can be made through a ferry. There is something absolutely stunning and relaxing about a building that’s so heavily modern and filled with comfortable, high-class facilities that is, at the same time, stranded in the middle of nowhere. You basically get all the comfort points without all the fuss around it.

#3 Kura Design Villas, Costa Rica

Secluded Vacation Spots


Being a gathering of six villas, they give tourists the opportunity to choose which haven of escapism and relaxation they will pick. They are fantastic choices for those who fancy the idea of wasting the days away surrounded by tropical flora and ocean landscapes. The best part is that the villas are eco-friendly away, all thanks to the usage of exterior solar panels that power the villas up.

#4 Trout Point Lodge, Nova Scotia

The Trout Point Lodge lodge is amazingly located in the heart of Nova Scotia wilderness, making it a perfect retreat for those who seek a mix between adventure and romanticism. Before you go through its threshold, take a moment to admire the mastery of its architecture, which was heavily inspired by 20th-century Canadian lodges.

#5 Yasawa Island, Fiji

Secluded Vacation Spots


Small islands are typically the best choices among secluded vacation spots all due to the lack of abundant civilization inhabiting them. Yasawa Island offers tourists the opportunity to vacation in a rustic-looking cottage with a fantastic view of the ocean.

#6 Caves Resort, Jamaica

Caves Resort is the perfect combo for those who seek a getaway that also provides an unforgettable experience to stock in your memories. Guest rooms, suites, and even restaurants are all located on top of a system of natural caves which face the crystalline ocean water.

#7 Las Alamandas Hotel, Mexico

Secluded Vacation Spots


You know something is up when a particular location is among the top favorite of Hollywood crews who decide to stop by the Las Alamandas Hotel for some relaxation. This eco-friendly resort is surrounded by pristine beaches and blue lagoons, and the true isolation comes from the lack of telephone reception. In other words, if you have trouble tearing yourself from wi-fi, this might not be the place for you.

#8 Amangiri, Utah

We take a break from the typical beach resorts to bring to attention that you can also shelter yourself from civilization in the middle of the desert too. Alright, it’s not exactly in the middle of the deserted, but the Amangiri resort certainly has a way of blending in with the rocky valley it’s situated in. Located in the heart of the Grand Canyon, it’s a vacation spot which brought the attention of a variety of superstars, Katy Perry and power couple Brangelina included.

#9 Amanoi, Vietnam

Secluded Vacation Spots


Part of the Aman Resorts chain of hotels, Amanoi is one of the latest additions to their portfolio. Located in Vinh Hy Bay, Amanoi manages to live up to the fame of the Aman Resorts, famed for their seclusion and pristine locations. Amanoi is located in the heart of a natural territory placed under protection, surrounded by jaw-dropping landscapes and views. To further prove our point, think about the fact that to reach Vnh Hy Bay, you need to take a one hour and a half flight from Hanoi and then travel even more, by, car, for approximately 90 minutes.

#10 Bloomfield Lodge, Australia

In the middle of the Daintree Forests stands the Bloomfield Lodge, a resort dedicated only to those who seek to clip off all ties with civilization. Like in the case of other entries on this list, cellphone signal isn’t available, but you will hardly have the time to miss it. Guests are surrounded by Australia’s largest stretch of tropical forest, which they can visit, and have the option to go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.

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