Without further ado, here are Top 10 Social Media resources on the Internet


1. Facebook (Alexa page rank: 2)


No questions about it, this is the top social media center with over 800,000,000 effective users! The regular Facebook customer spends more than 50 minutes a day trawling the absolutely huge social system and there are more than one 1,000,000 developers or entrepreneurs from around the globe world connected to it. If you have not made an account on Facebook then do it now, since it is one of the best ways to generate focused traffic to your site! It is no wonder it gets first position in the list of top 10 public networking websites.

2. YouTube (Alexa page rank: 3)


The most well known video social network on the net! Surely, you have often see all kinds of clips on YouTube before, but if you were not sure yet, this is top website to upload and share your video materials. With billions of visitors to its pages monthly and every video that you can think about, you are bound to have tons of chances when it comes to getting visitors for your video clips.

So many individuals are somehow shy when they have to post these short clips on the Internet, so get ahead of the competition by taking this to your benefit and uploading one up yourself! Make sure you insert your link the clip or in its sidebar (below the More Details section) and there you have it: 100 % free advertising that can potentially translate many new leads.

3. Twitter (Alexa page rank: 9)


If you have not yet realized the power of Twitter posts across the World Wide Web or in the real world, then you really should check your reality. This is another great social media center that brings together individuals sharing various status updates, material, hyperlinks – all in the form of brief messages called ‘tweets’. The diversity of its users is so large, everyone from TV personalities to politicians or rock stars are part of the Twitter posting group. Again, another excellent resource for focused leads.

4. Reddit (Alexa page rank: 29)


It is similar to a large forum, with a few million users. If you can promote yourself on Facebook, then you should be trying to do the same on Reddit. The best part about it is that you can verify the quality of the posts by verifying their “karma”, a way to know if they have been downvoted or not by the other users, according to their opinion.

5. Blogger (Alexa page rank: 92)


Blogger is designed for writing your blog, as its name suggests, with more than 25 millions visitors on it monthly. Blogging has easily become a favorite tool for posting dynamic materials, and Blogger is now the standard system for doing this. It is managed by Google, meaning that your content will be indexed easily and viewable after its updating. If you want to say a lot of things and want to be seen, set up your blog right now. It is simple and fast and is another smart way to generate valuable visits.

6. WordPress (Alexa page rank: 130)


WordPress is the other free writing blog service that is preferred amongst online masses of users. It caters to the necessities of the individuals, boasting great features which concentrate on appearance and usability. Materials on the WordPress platform are sourced from many locations across the globe, like great ranking websites such as Facebook or Google. There are almost 300 million people visiting this center, so make the best of it

7. DIGG (Alexa page rank: 155)


Digg is a bookmark submitting platform with over 30 million customers. It allows people to discuss and promote material from practically any online location. Not to mention that Google loves the details there, meaning that if posted materials here you can anticipate rising in the Internet search engine positions – a good thing for any entrepreneur!

8. HubPages (Alexa page rank: 514)


HubPages is a posting system with an effective group of posters and simple interface. By posting different links on these hubpages, you can identify and divert plenty of visitors to your website. HubPages is great in the sense that they want the contributors to monetize their materials and help them along in doing so by offering sound advice. If you were creating a social media plan, you would be doing yourself a major favor to have it in your strategy.

9. Squidoo (Alexa web page rank: 832)


Squidoo works just like HubPages, where customers create a ‘lens’: a page dedicated to a particular theme or subject. A lens may be composed of various modules – material such as movie clips, written content, hyperlinks, text and graphics. All lenses can be analyzed by other people and the more good reviews you receive, the better your position in the internet search engine becomes. Ensure to upgrade your Squidoo lenses regularly to make sure that search engines do not forget about you.

10. LinkedIn (Alexa page rank: 14)


LinkedIn is a professional social networking tool that allows individuals to create some invaluable company contacts. Here are over 100 million people signed up in more than 200 different domains. It is also an excellent resource to find job candidates, specialists and partners. If you are a registered customer, you can save your list of contact details from different individuals you trust and have businesses online.

There you have it, a really powerful listing of the top social media websites out there on the Internet nowadays. If you have a strategy to begin a public press campaign, make sure to become a part of most (if not all) of top 10 social media. Remember to regularly upgrade your material, post consistent content and create some criss-cross or referenced articles by linking all these posts/materials/lenses between them, and the most important, back to the main site.

If you have more than just one site, develop multiple online strategies. This will make a ‘web’ of details which is sprawled all over the web. By working this way, you can expect to see the general rank going up and the results rolling in.


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