Star Wars Lightsaber Colors

Lightsabers are known to be the perfect representation for the technological and cultural developments of the world inhabited by our favorite Star Wars characters. They’re classy, they’re practical, they’re dangerous, and they’re memorable (to audiences, at the very least). In fact, we’ve been trying to reproduce them and to actually create some models ever since we first landed our eyes on it. So far, we’ve been pretty unsuccessful. It’s understandable, we say. After all, we don’t have the benefit of advanced crystals to help it with it. Speaking of crystals, did you know about the big deal with the Star Wars lightsaber colors?

Star Wars Lightsaber Colors

Photo Courtesy of Disney

There are seven main colors for the weapons, with several other additions coming in from the extended universe. Surprisingly, it’s not all about ranking or coincidence. Star Wars lightsaber colors are actually strongly tied in with some in-depth meanings. Here are the 10 Awesome Star Wars Lightsaber Colors (and meanings).

#1 Blue

Even if it’s the standard, that doesn’t mean that it’s not the best. After all, it managed to get us to associate it with everything good in the Star Wars universe and that’s enough of a reason to root for the people who are wielding a blue lightsaber. Out of all the Star Wars lightsaber colors, this is the one most typically reminiscent of justice, good, and intellect.

#2 Red

Blue is good, red is bad. Isn’t that how we’ve been taught? That doesn’t mean that bad isn’t cool. It would be pretty difficult to think so, actually, when some of the characters wielding the red-glowing lightsaber types are Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Kylo Ren. Let it just be known that if you see someone flashing a red hue to their lightsaber, they mean bad news.

#3 Green

The green lightsabers are typically used by Jedi Consulars who prefer to steer away from violence as much as possible. Before they flash their Star Wars lightsaber colors, they try to take on a tactical and peaceful approach. Despite that, most of the users are extremely powerful users of the Force. For example, Luke Skywalker and Yoda.

#4 Purple

Who doesn’t love a little bit of shades of grey and moral ambiguity? There aren’t any actual gray hues in this purple lightsaber, but the ones wielding them are usually trapped between the Dark Side and good. Many people say that it makes sense as purple is the result of mushing blue and red together.

#5 Yellow

Plucked straight out of the array of Star Wars lightsaber colors offered by the expanded universe, yellow is strongly associated with Jedi Sentinels and their eternal quest to seek and destroy malevolent forces. If you ever thought that yellow was a sunny and innocent color, just remember that it’s associated with space espionage.

#6 Black

Since there’s only one, it’s only proper for it to bear its own name – the Darksaber. Representing ego and self-obsession, it’s used by those who are so far gone in the Dark Side that there is no point of return for them. Last we’d heard of it, it was in Darth Maul’s possession in Clone Wars.

#7 Gold

Yes, it’s part of the extended universe – the really extended universe. To be more specific, it was featured in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Wii. It’s designed for highly skilled fighters in order to aid them represent the true strength of good.

#8 Orange

Lowbacca. That’s all we have to say. Orange lightsabers have a similar use as the gold ones (and are equally rare), although there is definitely an accent placed on the fact that some physical strength needs to be brought into the picture.

#9 White

The first person we saw flaunting one of these Star Wars lightsaber colors was Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars Rebels. The beautiful thing about it is that it can be argued it represents the purest sides of the good side. However, it also carries a deep symbolism for Ahsoka herself, as it perfectly mirrors her separation from the Jedi Order.

#10 Bronze, Silver, Pink, Brown, Aqua

It was pretty difficult to find a way to separate these ones, especially because it was also really unfair. We don’t know much about these Star Wars lightsaber colors, so it’s almost impossible to create an objective hierarchy for them. All that we need to know is that it’s very likely they also carry deep meanings and a really cool story.