Civil War Poster

Movies these days are competing in terms of marketing tactics as much as they are competing at the box office. It’s not like movie posters, trailers, and merchandise weren’t a thing before, but they are so much more heavily criticized and analyzed in the year OF 2018. And who gets the most analysis and break-downs in this era? Superhero movies, of course. No one is safe – not trailers, not behind the scenes footage, and not superhero posters.

But in the case of some movies, their posters have been so memorable and eye-catchy that they either became more noteworthy than the movie itself or just as good. Here are 10 Awesome Superhero Posters to Drape Your Walls.

#1 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman Poster

Even though the movie itself certainly didn’t live up to the expectations that most of us had, there’s no denying that this very expectation was built up by the fantastic marketing. Aside from having solid trailers released, it was also the really cool, grunge-looking posters and designs that caught our eye. It’s almost as if Batman passed by a Superman poster and, out of an act of petty spite, decided to graffiti his eyes out.

#2 Deadpool

Deadpool Poster

As far as the term “superhero” posters go, it would be rather unfair to say Deadpool qualifies. He’s not a superhero, is he? Who cares? Deadpool’s posters covered everything: cheesy Nicholas Sparks romance, references to other movies, more misleading pictures and titles. They were just as self-aware as the film and it’s why they managed to be the perfect representation.

#3 The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Poster

Knowing what we know today about Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece adaptation, we realize how difficult it must have been for the movie makers to find the perfect poster to complete the set of artsy and well-thought elements. It’s a really cool-looking poster both of movie fans and for those who want to comply to the edgy aesthetic with some superhero posters.

#4 Batman Begins

Batman Begins Poster

Yes, we’re noticing the pattern too. It seems like it’s rather difficult to run away from the aesthetic value that any Batman related movie posters can bring upon. And when you think about it, it’s actually so simplistic! Get a figure of Batman? Check. Stamp it on an ominous-looking plain background? Check. Have him dissolve into a bunch of bats? Perfect.

#5 Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

The coolest thing about most of the posters for this surprising Marvel hit is that they were the result of a contest held by James Gunn for fans. As a result, several of the winners were incorporated into the movie’s official marketing campaign, including one that spoofed Star Wars by keeping its own identity intact.

#6 Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3

Speaking of disasters with pretty faces… The premise of the third film in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise seemed incredibly intriguing, which is what drew so many people to movie theaters. This intrigue was definitely sparked by the amazing poster which showcased two sides of Spider-Man and a possible moral duality. Instead, we got emo Peter Parker dancing on chairs to smooth jazz music.

#7 The Amazing Spider-Man

TASM Poster

We can argue that nobody asked for this reboot, but some of us were definitely a little bit curious as to what it had to offer curtsy of its great marketing campaign. It took a step back from the typical superhero posters and added an ominous and mysterious side to it. It’s a shame that the franchise was dropped before we could get to the bottom of this “untold story.”

#8 X-Men: Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past Poster

Posters that display some sort of duality seem to be the hottest trend of the moment, so there’s no wonder that everybody was buzzing after the release of the promotional images for this particular X-Men installment. With so many timelines and alternate universes to keep track of, the thought of them lapping and colliding was somewhat exciting.

#9 Captain America: Civil War

Civil War Poster

The movie is still too fresh in our heads to rank it any higher, mostly since we know we’ve loved the movie itself so objectivity towards the poster might be altered. But the campaign was really enthralling. It encouraged the audience to pick their team and placed a great emphasis on the fact that this conflict will tear our favorite superheroes apart.

#10 Batman Returns

Batman Returns Poster

Again, sorry. It’s really difficult to keep Batman out of this. He is basically begging to have really awesome posters made for him. However, in this case, it’s not Bruce Wayne who’s the star of this particular poster. Thanks to this poster, fans knew that the movie finally managed to bring to life a Catwoman that was there to be remembered for generations.