Top DJs

They are the ones who have owned the charts and the whole world for a long time. They are the top DJs of the planet. What is it exactly that really sets them apart? Think of all the times when you’d hear a really catchy tune on the radio and immediately take a liking to it even without knowing who the author is. The moment someone manages to appeal to an audience as wide as possible, that’s the moment when you know you’ve made it.

Top DJs


Old and new, these are the top DJs in the world and we hope to see them continue to enthrall us for as much time as possible.

#10 Diplo

Diplo is one of the more recent names on the market of top techno DJs, but the relevant number of hits coming out of his hands in the span of only a few years is enough of a proof for the potential and talent he possesses. He collaborated with several renowned artists such as Justin Bieber and Skrillex and, so far, he managed to find the peak of success through the hit song Lean On featuring Major Lazer.

#9 Hardwell

Also known by the name Robbert van de Corput, he was one of the earliest ascending stars in this musical field. He was fortunate enough to be part of a generation that took the world by storm and he did nothing that would make people doubt his position among the world’s top DJs for two consecutive years.

#8 Calvin Harris

The Scottish DJ broke through the world of music in 2007 and he’s been on a rapid ascending trajectory ever since. He had multiple collaborations with famous artists and almost all of them were overnight hits that topped charts for consecutive hits. His life right now has only gotten pinker now that he has by his side one of the most famous female artists in the world.

#7 Armin Van Buuren

A native of the Netherlands, Armin Van Buuren initially pursued a career as a lawyer, though he found unexpected success after mixing his famed Blue Fear when he was only 19 years old. Ever since, he’s been building his own path towards becoming one of the top trance DJs of the world.

#6 Deadmau5

Many people claim that you can easily recognize a Deadmau5 track when you hear one. Aside from his performance as a musician, Joel Zimmerman is also known for his powerful Internet persona and his various bursts on online platform.

#5 Daft Punk

Although younger people may know Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter through the music they’ve been releasing recently (see Get Lucky for one highly relevant example), they’ve been among the top DJ performers since the 80’s. They turned to house music for a living and success has been raining over them since.

#4 Skrillex

Some may argue that Skrillex was one of the main reasons for dubstep’s rise to power as a musical genre. We don’t know how true is that, but there’s one thing we know for certain – it would be a pretty incredible deed given that he hadn’t always spun dubstep and techno records. Before establishing himself as one of the top techno DJs, Sonny John Moore had been performing emo-rock songs. In the end, the transition proved out to be a smart decision for him.

#3 Avicii

A Swedish DJ, Avicii first broke through at the age of 18 when he created a stellar remix for the Commodore 64 game, Lazy Jones. During his first tour alone, he traveled throughout North America and Western Europe in a way that could compete even with the top DJs of the world. His career really took off, however, in 2013 when the mega-hit Wake Me Up was released.

#2 Tiesto

Born Tijs Michael Verwest in the Netherlands, the man known as DJ Tiesto was for the longest time the biggest revelation of trance and techno music. His career has amassed a lot of experience and, three decades later, he is continuing to change the tides of music. The fact that he combines his old-school sounds with sunny pop vibes have only brought him a whole new generation of fans.

#1 David Guetta

His most recent big venue was when he performed during the opening ceremony for the 2016 European Football Cup, so we can definitely say that he’s doing pretty great. In fact, he’s doing excellent. The French artist has established himself as an incredible DJ through envy-worthy collaborations and a seemingly endless number of hits. Easy enough, David Guetta is a walking factory for catchy tunes.