If you look back in history, we had many geniuses. We still have some brilliant minds in today’s world who can be role models. They are usually big thinkers who like to recreate a better life. They can be seen as even heroes as they can move the world with a single finger. The potent forces that follow them are physics, mathematics, literature, phylosophy, and others as such. They fascinate us by how they can understand the world and use its own constructs to alter it (hopefully, into a better place). There are many awesome websites that talk about their scientific challenges and their practicability.

Humans are the most interesting creatures on this planet. Even though we are smaller and less significant than the myteries of the universe, our cognitive capabilities make up for these shortages. Think, think, think. The more we learn, the less we know and the more we want to explore. Check out these awesome websites that give you some food for thought!

HowStuffWorks – Unbiased Answers to Mundane Issues

How Stuff Works is a magnificent place where everything from electronics to chemistry is explained. You learn amazing tips, useful information and you can easily watch beautiful videos where smart people explain smart things.

The best part about this website is that it isn’t afraid to tackle mundane topics. For instance, its articles don’t shyaway from controversial subjects such as Brexit, taxes, Dakota pipeline protests and others. Nonetheless, such relevant articles to our world come with a side of sicence, health, financial advice, quizzes, and a lot other goodies. It goes without saying that the readers of this website can rest assure that they are served only with facts and not biased or fake news.

NewScientist – Latest Scientific Breakthroughs

New Scientist is an information heaven. You can read awesome articles from the magazine about fascinating topics. If you found out too late about this valuable source of facts, you don’t need to worry. You have access to their vast archive. This way, you can catch up with their work in no time.

TED – Spread Ideas

TED started as a conference website which posts some nice high quality videos with smart people from all around the world. TED promotes big ideas. After 33 years of activity, today’s format respected its recipe of success. This is one of the most awesome websites as it serves tiny bites of lessons told by charismatic and open minded people through 18-minute videos. This source of information is perfect if you want to know how ideal institutions and informed citizens should look like in this brand new era of technology.

BreathingEarth – Breathe in Tune with Earth

BreathingEarth is no longer a hub of scientific or innovative ideas. Instead, it has one well-delimited purpose. This is a website that wants you to become more mindful about this planet. It can achieve that by showing real-time CO2 levels and many other parameters, like world population growth. It is extremely awe inspiring to feel the pulse of the world and the environment in real time.

BigThink – Hybrid of Information Sources

BigThink is another beautiful website with the potential to make you better understand the world around you. In essence, it is a hybrid of information sources. On the one hand, global thought leaders offer their thoughts on various topics in the same style as Ted does.

On the other hand, it offers scientific explanations for everyday events. For instance, the website offers an insightful accounting for the reason that makes fake news so powerful.

DocumentaryHeaven – The Realm of Non-Fictional Footages

If you like documentaries, DocumentaryHeaven is the right place for you. It has a big archive with stunning videos. If you don’t know where to start, you can let the website make the decisions for you. For instance, there is a collection of 100 best works of all time. Start from there and work your way up as soon as you find your passion.

Gapminder – Learn More about This World

Gapminder World wants to initiate its readers into the basic knowledge about this world we are living in. Some interesting topics are about CO2 emissions, HIV spreading, internet users, wealth, and health of nations.


Overthinking It subjects the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn’t deserve.


This website has interesting things about the most fascinating creature. Guess who’s the most
fascinating creature…


A beautiful collection of eyewitness accounts and media from the ancient world through to
modern history. Take a look here, you’ll like it.