Intelligence is something that must compensate the lack of reflexes and a poor adaptation to the live world. We’re talking here about the humankind. If you look back in history, we’ve had many geniuses. We still have geniuses today. They are big thinkers and they can move the world with a single finger. They fascinate us, and we fascinate others, because we are not equal. But we are the most interesting “thing” on this planet and maybe the smaller and insignificant in the same time, in this universe that pushes us to think. Think, think, think. The more we learn, the less we know.

Check out these awesome websites that make you think:


How Stuff Works is a magnificent place where everything, from electronics to chemistry, is explained. You learn amazing tips, useful information and you can easily watch beautiful How To videos.


New Scientist is an information heaven. You can read awesome articles from the magazine or from the vast archive, full of thousands of great things.


TED started as a conference website which posts some nice high quality videos with smart people from all around the world. TED promotes big ideas.


This is a website that really makes you think about this planet, about the CO2 levels and many other parameters, like world population growth in real time.


BigThink is another beautiful website to make you think. It’s almost like TED, but with useful and interesting articles. Global thought leaders offer their thoughts on various topics.


If you like documentaries, DH is the right place for you. It has a big archive with stunning videos.


Gapminder World shows the world’s most important trends: CO2 emissions, HIV spreading, internet users, wealth and health of nations.


Overthinking It subjects the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn’t deserve.


This website has interesting things about the most fascinating creature. Guess who’s the most
fascinating creature…


A beautiful collection of eyewitness accounts and media from the ancient world through to
modern history. Take a look here, you’ll like it.