You’ve reached this page because you want to lose weight, you want to lose it fast and you want to lose it in a simple, cost-effective way. While it’s important to combine a balanced diet with lots of water and exercise, not just for losing weight, but also for your own health, weight loss shakes are possibly the most efficient way to achieve your desired body weight. There are two main types of weight loss shakes out there: meal replacements, which essentially will have you replace one or two meals per day with a shake, and protein shakes, which are essentially protein only, very low in calories and not designed to replace a meal. We feature the best of both worlds, to help you make an informed decision and choose the best product for your needs.

1. Ultramet Champion Nutrition

This is a high protein meal replacement shake, very low in sugar and fats. One pack weighs 72 grams and they are sold in containers of 18 servings. One serving is no more than 250 calories, which is less than three apples. The total amount of fat is 2 grams, of which none are saturated fats. There is a lot of potassium included (940 mg), and quite a lot of sodium (360 mg of what is essentially salt).

2. Met-Rx Meal Replacement

While it’s always advisable to make your own weight loss shake, some meal replacement shakes cannot be made at home. This one contains 280 calories in a pack of 76 grams. It’s still pretty high on sodium, and substantially lower in Potassium. Additionally, this one contains 1 gram of saturated fat – however the amount is small enough to be overlooked. There are 3 grams of sugar and 42 grams of protein in one serving.

3. EAS Myoplex Carb Control

This low calorie weight loss shake is also designed to replace a meal. It is specifically geared toward weight loss and therefore contains substantially less protein, carbs and fats than the other shakes we’ve mentioned thus far, since those were high protein. The EAS Myoplex is part of the Myoplex Carb Control system. One pack weighs 54 grams and only contains 180 calories.

4. Ultramet Lite Meal Replacement

‘Lite’ describes this product with accuracy pitched to a tee. There are only 190 calories in a 56 gram pack, one gram of fat (half of which is saturated), 17 grams of carbs, 20 milligrams of cholesterol and 300 grams of sodium. This product is similar in cost to a higher protein meal replacement shake, yet contains substantially fewer calories, thereby being potentially more effective for as a quick weight loss shake.

5. Labrada Lean Body for Her

Since many meal replacements are targeted at bodybuilders, it’s refreshing to find a weight loss shake that’s been specifically formulated for women. As such, it only contains 190 calories, 9 grams of carbs and 2 grams of sugars. Saturated fat is also kept at a very low level of one gram. A serving is a 49 gram pack, and each container includes 20 servings. Thanks to its formula, it is hands-down the best meal replacement shake for women.

6. Labrada Carb Watchers Lean Body

This weight loss shake is very low in carbs – with only twelve grams and 250 calories per serving. It’s ideal for those already following a low or no-carbs diet, as well as those who want to keep their carbohydrate intake at a minimum. It’s still rather high in sodium, with 350 miligrams, but only includes 4.5 grams of fat, which amount for 40 of the total calories included.

7. Myoplex Carb Control Ready-to-Drink

Unlike most weight loss shakes, which will have you adding water, juice or milk, this one is already canned and ready for you to drink. A serving is 330 ml or 11 fl oz, and it only contains 150 calories. However, be weary of he very low calorie content, since this might prompt you to drink several servings, in an attempt to compensate. Remember, a low calorie shake is not necessarily a meal replacement, although, if used right, could eventually help you to lose weight.

8. Slim-Fast

The Slim-Fast range includes many products designed to help control body mass, and their range of weight loss shakes are arguably the best tasting out there. They sell shakes flavored as Capuccino, French Vanilla, Creamy Milk, Rich Chocolate, Strawberries N’ Cream and several others. There is also a ‘Lower Carb’ shake flavored as creamy chocolate. A serving of this shake only contains 180 calories. All Slim-Fast shakes contain one third of the daily recommended intake for most essential vitamins and minerals.

9. Muscle Milk

The Muscle Milk weight loss shake range was specifically designed for athletes. The brand sells products which you can make yourself, as well as ready-to-drink options flavored with chocolate and vanilla. Obviously, the products contain no actual milk. They are enhanced with extra protein, which allegedly enhances muscle growth. The ready-to-drink version is actually quite affordable and the product has been said to be successful in curbing one’s appetite.

10. Optifast

The Optifast range of weight loss shake is possibly the most popular one out there, although its taste has been hotly disputed by many. They are available in ready-to-drink versions flavored vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, as well as in the powder version. They are full meal replacement products, and the 800 Shake Mix formula claims to provide 100% of the daily recommended values for twenty four vitamins and minerals in five servings.