Since the news of the Apocalypse and the subsequent zombie infestations, the film industry played this card countless times in the past few years. Every season, a new zombie movie (a new zombie book, why not?!) and tons of fresh zombie TV shows invade us with new and (not always, let’s be honest) visions, ideas and perspectives.

And while we are quite used to the male, violent, powerful zombie character, we often forget that the film industry left us with some female zombies just as scary and impressive. While this trend continues, we are more and more convinced that a good female character can make the same (or even a better) impression over the public.

So let’s take a look over the 10 most famous and powerful female zombie characters in the movies.

1. Madeleine Parker

Madeleine was a normal girl until she ended up turned into a zombie by a male character played by none other than Bela Lugosi, the famous Dracula. This 1932 movie, called White Zombie, offered us the image of the zombified female and the plots generating from this particular state of being.

White Zombie cast

2. The Bride of Frankenstein

The Monster needed a mate. Who can forget the terrible screams of the Bride from The Bride of Frankenstein, awaken in the laboratory, seeing the monster? “We belong dead” will remain one of the most famous and powerful movie quotes in horror movies and the Bride, one of the first female zombie characters brought into existence.


3. Jessica Holland

You may not know this movie, as it is quite old, (1943), but I Walked with a Zombie made a name for itself, bringing into focus the issue of supernatural possession. Jessica is a zombie, indeed, and we will find out her story through the eyes of Betsy Connell, a nurse sent to take care of Jessica.

Frances Dee walks with Christine Gordon

4. Vampira

Now, this one is a classic. Her and the movie she starred in. Plan 9 from Outer Space is the sum of all horrors, at least zombie-wise, and she became the “image” for the glamor ghoul.

Vampira from Plan 9 from Outer Space

5. Karen Cooper

She became the icon for the new zombie era. Her legendary figure and story will always be associated with The Night of the Living Dead, a movie that made it into our collective culture by reviving the undead theme. Karen will be always remembered and she gave a new feel to the term “lady of the dark”.

The Night of the Living Dead

6. Trash

If the zombie movies ever had a punk – star, she would be it. Trash is a very colorful, powerful and almost crazy female character, but what’s not to love about her? The Return of the Living Dead gained a lot of appreciation from its female zombie character’s image.

The Return of the Living Dead

7. The Bride of the Re-Animator

Another Bride, another story. The Bride of the Re-Animator follows in some large context the story of Frankenstein’s Bride, being recreated from dead body parts by a group of scientist. The poor fellows tried to create the perfect woman. What they managed to bring to life though… but you should see for yourselves.

The Bride of the Re-Animator

8. She

… actually doesn’t have a name, but man, did Anna Falchi do a terrific job playing this character of immense beauty, passion, magic and sex-appeal. Dellamorte Dellamore (better known as Cemetery Man) is an interesting movie, joggling with concepts about love, death, loyalty. Still, She is a great female character, a seductive, eerie, complex woman, proving that not all zombies are brainless and blood-thirsty.

Dellamorte Dellamore

9. Rain Ocampo

Is there anyone who didn’t watch Resident Evil? Long story short: zombie infestation spreads faster than lighting, Rain is one of the soldiers sent to put an end to it, she gets bitten, becomes one.

If it wasn’t for Michelle Rodriguez, who can act badass most of the times, this female zombie character wouldn’t be of much interest. But there’s a thing about her and she actually does a very good job becoming an undead.


10. Julie Walker

The world loved Trash, but Julie was ten times better. Sexy, mean, vicious actually, all about metal and all about scaring (while fascinating) the living soul out of all of us. The Return of the Living Dead III will surely be remembered for her, as one of the most prominent and powerful female zombie characters of all times.

Julie Walker

Wrapping Up

Females often make more interesting characters than men, even in scary movies. We often view women as gracious creatures but they’re not all delicate little flowers. And these phenomenal female zombie characters are testimony to that!

Have you seen any of these movies? Do you have a favorite character? We’d love to hear what you think, so leave us a comment below.