Lady Gaga, one of the world’s best known singers, is also famous for its eccentric, over the top outfits. This controversial artist is a fashion goddess for some, wile for others she is just a really weird apparition. Regardless of the side you are taking, you cannot but stop and look at her. Lady Gaga is always in the spotlight, always trying to lift the social barriers and to establish new rules for what is acceptable. Nothing seems too much for her and one cannot but wonder what she will come up with next.  Lady Gaga’s costumes never cease to amaze us. Here is a list of 10 awesome outfits which best represent the style of this great artist.

1. The Bubbles Dress

lady gaga 1

Lady Gaga’s bubble dress was a hit. Everybody loved it. Although weird, this concept is rather sweet looking and delicate, since soup bubbles are the very essence of fragility. This outfit is featuring plastic bubbles over a leotard and was created by the Haus of Gaga (her creative team) after a dress of Hussein Challayan, a designer who proposed the very same concept in a spring 2007 show. Later, the dress was replaced with a bubbles vest, this piece being easier to take off during concerts.

2. The Hair Button Hat

She wore it to the Orange RockCorps charity project in Manchester, United Kingdom. It’s funny, weird, over the top and sexy all at once. If you get over the fact that the hat is actually a big BUTTON, and that it is made out of artificial HAIR, you may actually enjoy the way it fits her long, blond (natural) hair. It is not her craziest choice in matter of hats, but it is definetely one of the most controversial Lady Gaga costumes, because people cannot decide whether the look is weird or inspired.

3. The Hairy Dress

Lady Gaga 3

The diva sure likes it HAIRY, because, after the artificial hair hat we just reviewed, here’s another look which is best described by this term. The dress was shown at the 20th Annual MuchMusic Video Awards held at the Muchmusic HQ in Toronto, Canada on June 21, 2009. Although we do not know if the fabric was natural, the result is certainly quirky. The fringes match the asymmetrical hairstyle, the balloon dog seems out of place while the headband goes with the bustier, creating a sort of a ‘warrior queen look’, which fits her amazingly.

4. The Skeleton Costume

skeleton costume

This Lady Gaga costume was one of her outfits during the Monster Ball tour, in 2009. The embellished bustier was created for her by the designer Gary Card. The singer donated her costume for auction and signed it between the ribs in order to support the Oxfam International and Haiti Relief. It would be interesting to see this piece on someone else, if the lucky winner of the auction is brave enough to wear it!

5. The Lobster Suit

lady gaga at mr chow

Lady Gaga adopted this crazy look for a dinner at mister Chow, in England, after having performed in her last concert of the Monster Ball Tour. She wore a plastic see-through dress, with X-s made of white tape to cover her nipples and a huge, sparkling lobster on the head. The antennas of the animal artistically surrounded her eyes. Despite being so courageously dressed up, she tried to hide from paparazzi and their cameras. Lady Gaga is a very complex woman!

6. The Living Dress

lady gaga costume 6

The Living Dress is one of the most amazing Lady Gaga costumes. As the bubbles suit, this eccentric, yet amazingly beautiful dress was created by the Haus of Gaga, after one of the creations of the British/Turkish fashion designer Hussein Challayan. The inspiring outfit, with fairy wings attached, and a stunning head piece, was presented for the first time at the Liverpool Echo Arena. Everybody was astound when parts of the dress started to move by themselves: the train went up and down while the body of the dress and the headdress  opened and closed . This outfit was made from unnatural fabrics: stainless steel, various forms of nylon fabrics, sheet, rods and others, making it very heavy and difficult to wear.

7.  The Orbit

orbit suit

This picture is the official poster of the monster Ball Tour. The Concentric circles which surround the body of the artist are a creation o the House of Gaga, with the participation of Nazir Mazhar, a designer who created many of Lady Gaga’s outfits. They represent ‘The Orbit’, a concept which is not new for the fans of Lady Gaga, who had been seen before wearing a headpiece in the same shape, but also a body orbit in the show ‘The Tonight Show’. This is one crazy Lady Gaga costume I certainly would not wear!

8. The Kermit Coat

the muppet suit

The Muppet show character Kermit the frog was in the spotlights for one evening, when Lady Gaga attended a German TV show, in 2009. The singer wore a coat made of dozens of this green character, leavening everybody to wonder how to react to such a vision. ‘The queen of the lake’ asked designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac to create this weird suit, as a statement against wearing fur, which, according to the Lady, ‘looked like a bunch of dead Muppets’. Her affection towards this character is also obvious if you think that she attended 2009 “MTV Video Music Awards” with Kermit as her date.

9. The Pyro Bra

pyro bra

The Pyro bra is an accessory which completed many of the singer’s outfits. The spectacular, unconventional bra is controlled by a remote control to shoot sparks. Lady Gaga used it for the first time at the ending of the “Poker Face” performance at the MuchMusic Video Awards in 2009, and she stated that this pyro bra is one way of transforming the female body into a weapon. Apparently, the idea for a pyro-bra came to the artist when she was in Hawaii and she refused to believe it was impossible to design it. She urged the creative director of Haus of Gaga to make it happen.

10. The Lightning Bolt Dress

lightning dress

The suit was created by Armani Privé, while the sparkling hat was custom made by Phillip Treacy, who is the singer’s
favorite hat designer. The sharp edged Lady Gaga costume is rather dangerous, so the singer needed to be particularly careful wearing it, during the 2010 Grammy Awards, where she literally sparkled.

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