Is animal love impossible? Some say yes, but the pictures below show quite the opposite. The top 10 pictures of animal pairs below are showing that in their world, family harmony is the rule, not the exception:

1. Alpacas

animal pairs1.

These cute animals are bred in South America for their fur. They are from the same family as camels and llamas, meaning, the camelids. Here, we witness some animal love between a baby alpaca and its mom.

2. Owls

animal pairs2

These are two owlets who are finding comfort sticking close to each other. The two little brothers are so cute that one would just want to hold them! The owlets are from the Sunda Scops species and were hatched just weeks before the picture was taken.

3. Raccoons

animal pairs3

These two little raccoons seem to be frightened at seeing the photographer. No mom around to take care of these little ones, as it seems. If you watch their bodies, you will notice the shape of a heart. How cool is that?

4. Polar bears

animal pairs4

These are two polar bear cubs which seem to have a great time. They were photographed in Canada’s Wapusk National Park but no, you cannot take them home!

5. Cheetahs

animal pairs5

Cheetahs may become the former fastest animals on Earth, as their species is close to extinction. Only 12,000 of these animals remain, most of them in eastern and Southeastern Africa. They are in danger of losing their territory to humans, who continue to expand their communities over the land of the cheetah. These two beautiful individuals seem to have noticed something really interesting. “Hey, look there”, one appears to be saying to the other.

6. Puffins

animal pairs6

Mr. and Mrs. Puffin are sharing a morning walk on Skomer Island, off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales, in the United Kingdom. Puffins are small seabirds and they do not reside on Skomer Island all year long. You may find them here in March to july when they come to breed and raise their young.

7. Blue herons

animal pairs7

South Florida is the place where all the birds of the country gather in the final months of the year. The two blue herons above show us that animal love is as precious as human one: they are performing the mating dance while looking each other straight in the eyes. Not even the indiscrete photographer could ruin the moment.

8. Cows

animal pairs8

“Good morning my dear, did you sleep well?” Early in the morning, on the banks of the river Loire, in France, two cows are sharing a moment of tenderness. They seem to be really fond of each other, do they not?

9. Goat and dog

animal pairs9

Who says that love has anything to do with species? These two animals seem to have instantly liked each other, despite not talking the same language and not sharing the same meal. They do have the same color, which may have deceived them to believe that they were actually related!

10. Elephant Seals

animal pairs10

These two babies were abandoned by their mother and were found by the members of the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California. They had almost died of starvation and dehydration but they recovered very fast at the center and were released in the wild, when the time came. Even for an animal, love is the key ingredient to get better fast.

Source and photo credits:

National Georgaphic