10 Best Guarded Places On Earth

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If you thought double locking your door at night is the ultimate step to keep yourself safe, you should check out these 10 best guarded places on Earth. Not only are they huge, but their security defies some people’s imagination. Reading about some of these would make you think you are reading about the set of a super hero movie and probably only Ant Man could get into some of them.

1. Fort Knox

Best Guarded Places On Earth

This US Army post covers over 170 square miles and is the home of the Army’s human resources Center of Excellence and the US Bullion Depository. Some say the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carte can be found at Fort Knox, which would definitely account for the blast door that weighs as much as 22 tons.

2. Area 51

Best Guarded Places On Earth

Also known as Homey Airport or Groom Lake, this is a US Air Force facility whose purpose is not known by the public. Still, based on past activity and some other evidence, it’s safe to say Area 51 houses testing of experimental aircraft and weapons. But others have got a strong grip of the secrecy surrounding the place and have run with it, claiming that it’s the place where Air Force takes care of UFOs and makes experiments on alien life.

3. The Mormon Church’s Secret Vaults

Best Guarded Places On Earth

Or the Granite Mountain Records Vault, is a huge archive vault for genealogical and historical records that are heavily protected. The Vault, for short, has its own climate control meant to keep a dry temperature for the records. Besides administrative offices, the Granite Mountain Records Vault also has shipping docks and a processing facility.

4. Federal Reserve Bank in New York

Best Guarded Places On Earth

The vault inside the Federal Reserve Bank in New York is said to be eighty feet under the street level, sheltering as much as 25% of the gold in the world. Bearing that in mind, it’s not that hard to believe that the Bank is guarded by expert marksmen, ready at all times to protect the place. In 2012 a terrorist attempt took place at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, when a 21 year old tried to detonate a bomb, which had been, in fact, packed with fake explosive by the FBI.

5. Bold Lane Car Park

Best Guarded Places On Earth

Also known as the safest place on Earth, Bold Lane car park will keep your car as safe as possible. How does it work? You can only get in the car park if you have a ticket with a parking spot number. Once you’ve parked your vehicle, the car is guarded by motion detectors and other alarms worthy of a James Bond movie that will go off at the tiniest hint of foul play. As a result, the entire car park will go into lockdown.

6. Tumen River

Best Guarded Places On Earth

This 324 mile long river makes up the boundary between China, North Korea and Russia before flowing in the Sea of Japan. Known for the illegal crossings, it was used by refugees from North Korea in an attempt to cross over to China. What makes the Tumen River the ideal crossing place for refugees is the fact that it can be crossed on foot. As a consequence, it is heavily protected by armed North Korean soldiers.

7. Korean Demilitarized Zone

Best Guarded Places On Earth

The DMZ is a piece of land that divides North Korea from South Korea. It is roughly 160 miles long and, despite its name, it is very militarized. Originally thought up as a buffer zone, the Korean Demilitarized Zone is nowadays rarely crossed by anyone, which has led it to become a nature preserve.

8. The Greenbrier

Best Guarded Places On Earth

This top notch luxury resort from West Virginia is not only a heavily protected hotel. The real reason for its high security measures is that the Greenbrier houses a nuclear bunker that was built in 1959 and was meant to serve as an emergency location for members of the Congress. It was kept fully stocked for three decades, but was never used. After the Greenbrier was renovated, the Bunker was open to visitor tours.

9. Haven Co

Best Guarded Places On Earth

Based in the North Sea, Haven Co used to be a data protection company before it was seemingly closed back in 2008. Its weird location (right in the middle of the Sea) made it impossible for people to get there or leave. This raised many questions about the facility’s true scope and its sudden shut down.

10. Cheyenne Mountain

Best Guarded Places On Earth

Set in Colorado, the mountain hosts military communications and it used to be  the command center for the NORAD and U.S. Space Command missions. The safety measures include solid granite reinforcement, making it the perfect place to shoot the sci fi TV show Stargate.

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