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With the appearance of the iPhone, the lifestyle of people was just revolutionized in the way in which they record their memories and document life. With over 250 million devices sold worldwide and the introduction of applications such as Flickr and Instagram, people everywhere create and share photos better than ever, turning them into little works of art. The IPPA Gala (iPhone Photography Awards) was launched seven years ago, and the entries in this year surpassed all the achievements so fa , according to Daily Mail. participation rules are simple: photograph must be taken with an iPhone or iPod and can not be edited with programs like Photoshop. The use of applications like Hipstamatic or Camerabag is allowed. The winning images were chosen from thousands of submitted works entered from 38 countries. A recent advertisement from Apple claims that today most photos are taken with an iPhone, more than any other gadget .

1. 1st place Architecture

Jose Luis Barcia really did a great job with this photo. No wonder it got him the first place in the architecture category. What I like about it is the contract between the grandeur of the building and the littleness of the person. An strangely, at they same time they complete each other.

2. 1st place People

I’m certain that the fact that the person in the photo has those amazing eyes and those cute freckles really account for it winning 1st place in the People category. It’s breathtaking and words cannot express how powerful this image is.

3. 1st place Children

Now this is what I call being in the right place at the right time. Yvonne Naughton did a great job capturing this amazing image of a child sleeping with his teddy bear. This is truly the perfect example of how light falling in a certain way makes a picture transform from good to awesome.

4. 1st place Flowers

Incredible Common Dandelions which look like giants when photographed from a certain angle. The cloudy sky, the black atmosphere complete this incredible photo taken by Britta Hershman. Certainly deserves the 1st place in the flowers category.

5. 1st place Nature

Another great example of how natural light can make or break a photo. And it’s something Thomas Stakiewicz Baldassarri understood perfectly. Just imagine how this picture would have looked like with that natural sunlight reflecting between the trees. I’ll tell you how: like a simple, ordinary street.

6. 1st place Seasons

A completely white photo and an improvised kids’ swing covered in snow. There is lots of innocence in this picture and we are ever so glad that David Rondeau had his iPhone with him to capture this incredibly simple and emotional image. Good job!

7. 1st place Still Life

First prize in the Sill Life category was won by Daniel Fonseca, from Porto Salvo, Portugal. We love the cyclicity of  the photo: it ends just the way it starts. Plus the image of all those colorful shirts makes you imagine the people who own them , dancing like in a carnival of colors.

8. 1st place Sunset

A romantic dinner table captured at sunset. I’m actually jealous of the couple waiting to have dinner there. It sure looks like a proposal to me. I wonder if Angel Jimenez had dinner there.

9. 1st place Travel

This is definitely a photo taken in a Turkish bazaar. We love the rugs piled up, the sunlight coming from above and the man in the picture, cleaning the space in front of his shop. Makes you want to visit Turkey asap.

10. 1st place 2013 Photographer of the Year

Well, after seeing this photo, I’m buying an iPhone. It is simply amazing. Holly Wesley couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful animal to photograph. The sincere eyes looking at the camera, the white hair, the incredible blue sky in the back. Let’s face it: we have all the perfect ingredients for an amazing picture that one 2013 Photographer of the Year. An excellent job!

So, have you taken any amazing pictures with your iPhone that people have a hard time believing we taken with an iPhone? We would love to see them. If you want to check out IPPA’s winners from previous years, make sure you visit their website. Also, here are some tips on how to take better pictures with your iPhone.