Since the dawn of time people had this impulse of taming animals, and pets have been around us since forever. Of course we can’t have a dinosaur for a pet, although some of us had thought of it at least once, so we’ve settled for a more or less conventional solution. Either you have a cat, dog, snake, bird and so on, pet accessories have become popular, and nowadays a whole industry is built solely on producing them. From clothes to personalized collars, to glow in the dark fishbowls, all are giving you a little bit of edge, both esthetically and practically. Our list is going to comprise 10 of the best pet accessories and supplies for a variety of pets.


10. Wall Fishbowl



If you own a gold fish don’t expect it to grant you three wishes. Instead you can purchase this fashionable fishbowl that can be hanged on the wall. It is a great addition for your kid’s playroom, while it teaches the youngling the responsibility of having a pet.

9. Totem Pole Bird Toy



This toy’s design will keep your bird both entertained and safe, providing with a natural and organic environment. The toy will exercise your bird’s instinct to play, claw, bite, swing, chew, and nest. Last but not least, the pole is covered with natural colors, swamp grass, sisal rope, coconut, and mangrove wood.

8. Zanies Mylar Cat Balls



Mylar balls are made of crisp Mylar, and covered in bright metallic colors. Your cat(s) will love the crackle sound of the little toys, keeping them both entertained and healthy. The container has 45 balls, each measuring approximately 3 centimeters.

7. Louisdog Vanilla Candy Necklace



Louisdog in cooperation with jewelery designer Veronica B. have come up with this unique Vanilla Candy Necklace, encrusted with Swarovski crystals accompanied by false pearl bobbles. The collar’s length is adjustable, making it perfect for your pet. The price of this collar is of only $76.

6. Glittering Leather Collars



And since we’re on collars, we must include these wonderful leather collars. Handmade from soft leather, the collars are encrusted with colorful crystals and are available in different sizes. These will look amazing on your dog, regardless of its gender or size.

5. Tropical Starter Kit



This is the ideal starter kit for young tropical animals, and the fifth in our best pet accessories. The kit includes a 10 gallon glass terrarium water-tight habitat, a light system designed to provide the perfect amount of light your pet needs, and a temperature slash humidity gauge to monitor its environment.

4. Tortoise House



The tortoise house is made of wood, and ensures the safety of your pet by providing the right amount of sunlight and UVB rays, a vital feature that will allow the little tortoise develop in a healthy manner. It also includes a private weatherproof resting area and lockable wire safety cover.

3. Luxury Caravan Doghouse



The dog is man’s best friend, an old saying states. Alongside with the previous accessories we’ve posted, this cute caravan doghouse is without doubt entering our top 10 best pet accessories. Your faithful companion will feel special in this comfortable and fun space. The doghouse is 52 cm wide, 45 cm tall, and 29 cm deep. What do you think of it?

2. Dog Backpacks



Yet another useful accessory for both the dog and yourself is the dog backpack, especially if you’re the traveling type. You never know when you need some supplies, and these backpacks give new meanings to “a man’s best friend”. And it’s not very expensive either, starting from $14 to $124, depending on your needs and dog’s size and strength.

1. Thermo Heated Pet Throw



Whether you own a dog or a cat, this thermo heated pet bed is made of a soft material, has a removable slash washable cover, and it is thermostatically controlled. Breeders, pet owners, and veterinarians have been using these warm beds for over 40 years. The 12 Volt cozy blanket is our number one choice.

Can you maybe tell us what we’ve missed?