The best pictures of hurricane Irene are the first to show not only the magnitude of the disaster, but also, the beauty hidden in it. The hurricane Irene was formed in the vicinity of the Lesser Antilles and followed a path that led it to the Caribbean, the East Coast of the United States and even the Atlantic Canada. It was named a category 3 hurricane, though by the time it hit New York, Irene was already nothing but a tropical storm.

The pictures of hurricane Irene that we bring today were made by different people, passionate about photography, or lucky enough to take a cool photo. There is no surprise that beautiful pictures as these ones already appeared on the internet: many photographers, regarless of them being professional or amateur, tried to capture the most impressive moments of  this amazing natural phenomenon. Thus, they broght us these incredible sights, testimony of the destructive power of Nature.

Enjoy your selection of 10 best pictures of hurricane Irene: they are only few days old and were carefully chosen from many other beautiful shots.


2. hurricane irene

3. hurricane end

hurricane irene

5. hurricane


hurricane 7

bird hurricane 8

9. hurricane

10.hurricane irene

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