There was a time when not everyone could afford to buy a bike. I remember that in order to get my first bike, I had to get a job first – that happened when I was 17. Today things are a bit different, and bicycles have become an alternative for entertaining purposes, relaxation, and exercise. The advantages of owning a bike are many – mobility, parking space at every corner, they’re fun, and most of all, probably every kid out there dreams of having one. Fact: the bicycles were first introduced in the 19th century and now they are twice as many when compared to automobiles. There are plenty of models to choose from, depending on your needs. Our list will include ten cheap bikes for kids.


10. Hyper Spinner Pro BMX Bike



The 20″ Hyper Spinner Pro BMX Bike features alloy platform BMX pedals for making the best use of awesome tricks. In addition,  the micro-drive front and rear sprockets ensure a smooth ride, including off-road. The bike has a rotor up front for 360-degree handlebar rotation, letting you experiment various stunts. The price for it: $99.97.

9. Radio Flyer Big Flyer



Our number nine comes with chrome handlebars and comfortable molded handgrips. In addition, the mega-wide rear slicks offer super stability around the turns. The Radio Flyer Big Flyer Trike includes a racing pennant, making the tricycle safe for your toddler. Lastly, the product has a seat with three adjustable positions, giving your child a comfortable riding experience. Price: $69.97.

8. 16” Hot Wheels Bike



Number eight in our top ten cheap bikes of kids is taken by this 16″ Hot Wheels Bike. The bike features removable training wheels that offer stability while your child is still learning to ride it. To make it fun, the 16″ Hot Wheels bike is equipped with a “rev grip” which makes a motorcycle-like sound when it twists. The price for this one is only $77.

7. 20″ Boys’ NEXT Chaos Freestyle Bike



The 20-inch boys bike has an alloy rotor stem, enabling tricks and 360-degree rotations. It has alloy rims and dual-caliper hand brakes, reinforced high-tensile steel frame and front/rear steel pegs. The bike is especially designed for kids between eight and twelve years old. Price: $79.97

6. 12″ Toy Story 3 Bicycle with Training Wheels



Your little boy(s) will cherish the Toy Story 3 bicycle. The padded seat has a Toy Story logo, alongside with graphics like the Buzz Lightyear on the handlebar. The bicycle also features a quick release seat, making it easy to be adjusted. In addition, the Y-frame of this bike is made from Buzz Gray steel, giving it an enhanced durability. Price for it: $59.97

5. NEXT 18″ Girl’s Misty Bike with Training Wheels



The Girl’s Misty Bike with Training Wheels is our number five choice out of then cheap bikes for kids. It has streamers and training wheels, a steel frame, front caliper brake plus rear coaster, a backpack bag, and removable training wheels. Age range is between six to eight years old. It costs $58.

4. WeeRide 10″ Balance Bike



The WeeRide 10″ Balance Bike is especially constructed to aid your child with learning how to ride a bike. This kids’ bike has a convenient standover height so that the tot can easily climb on or off. Furthermore, both the rubber handlebars and the soft seat are adjustable. Price: only $34.88

3. Yamaha Moto 12″ Child’s BMX Bike



This stylish mean-looking Yamaha Moto Bike will make your kid feel like he’s a pro. It features removable training wheels, steel handlebars, coaster brakes, motocross style seat, mini pedals made of plastic, and 16-spoke steel rims. Price: $59.97

2. Jeep 16″ Boys’ Full Suspension Bike



The sleek Jeep 16″ Boys’ Bike comes equipped with a suspension frame and fork designed to soften up bumps, regardless if big or small. The full suspension bike has thick training wheels, coaster and front hand brakes, It is recommended for kids between five and eight years old. Price: $77.

1. Schwinn Slalom Racer



We finally reached our number one bike, the Schwinn Slalom Racer. Its cartridge-bearing polyurethane skate wheels are made to go smooth and fast at the same time. For an enhanced mobility the bike has been equipped with a zig-zag steering action. It costs only $49.97.

As we conclude our top for today, we address the following question: Which of these ten bikes is your favorite ?