The modern days have brought a lot of changes into the world of music, some welcomed, others less embraced. Throughout time, the most important genres had their momentum, as well as downfalls. Among them we have to mention the crazy period of the disco music (that reached its peak during the late 70s), the ever growing in popularity electronic music (which now took the form of so many sub-genres), the wild lifestyle of rock music, the state of mind expressed through reggae and hip-hop, the meditative jazz or classic music, and so on. Responsible for the ups and downs are people’s tastes and tendencies, and several other factors, but there’s only one constant in this equation – the artists behind it. They are the backbone of what we call music and, although it’s true that they’re nothing without a public, we must grant them the utmost respect for keeping it alive and, most of all, for coming up with new ideas and pushing their imagination to the limits and beyond. A Disc Jockey (commonly known as DJ) is such a constant; if you ever dreamed of becoming one, here’s a little help to get you started: a list of cheap DJ equipment.

10. Crown I-T6000 Power Amplifier



Although it may seem pricey, the I-T6000 Power Amplifier is an absolute must. Some of its features include: Frequency Response (at 1 watt, 20Hz – 20 kHz): ± 0.25 dB, signal to noise ratio under rated full-bandwidth power, A-weighted: > 105 dB, THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) at full power: < 0.35%, IMD (Intermodulation Distortion) 60 Hz and 7 kHz at 4:1, from full rated output to –35 dB: < 0.35%, flow-through ventilation (front to back) and much more. Price:  $6,179.

9. Phonic XP 3000 2800 Watt Power Amplifier


A way cheaper alternative is the Phonic XP 3000 – a power amplifier that delivers between 280 and 5000 Watts of power in two to three rack spaces. Thanks to the advanced protection circuitry the amplifier is protected against short and open circuits, ultrasonic and RF interferences. The product further features: center-detented gain controls, selectable high pass filter, input peak limiter, and quick recovery to ensure low distortion. In addition, the variable speed fans are cooling the amp, keeping it from overheating. Price: $599.99.

8. Citronic DJP1


Keep your stuff in place with a universal desktop platform – it can hold tabletop CD players, MIDI controllers, and laptops. It features a desk clamp, and two interchangeable plates – each being able to hold up to 10 kilos. The platform is available for and affordable £49.99 (roughly $79). Further details on the product to be found on UDM DJ Equipment.

7. Denon DNX120


Our list of cheap DJ equipment includes this great mixer – the Denon DNX120 – a high standard product that enables exceptional sound neatly packed in a tight case. The DNX120 features Mic Input w/ 2-Band EQ, Mic Talkover Switch, Crossfader Contour, Split Cue, Fader Start On/Off for Crossfader & Channel Faders, external power adaptor, RCA Unbalanced and TRS Balanced outputs, 3-band EQ w/Full Kill, 4 position Input/Transform switch, and much more. It is available for £169.00 ($267,15).

6. Denon DN-SC3900 Digital Turntable Media Controller


The  SC3900 Digital Turntable and Media Controller with 9-inch Active Platter draws its power from a revamped High-Torque Direct Drive Motor which faithfully mimics the feel of a vinyl. The SC3900 uses a range of digital mediums, such as CDs, USB drives, Software, and even a networked media server. “The 9-inch platter makes scratch moves more nimble by being that little bit smaller, but maintains the perfect amount of space to grip it, scratching & mixing tracks feels no different than using vinyl” – DJ Switch (three times crowned as World Champion DJ) said about this product. Furthermore, the playback of files is achieved via the ‘Engine’ music management software without great effort. Price: $999.

5. Ultrasone DJ1 Closed Back


This fine product features standard EMF protection, detachable cables that feature both volume control and stereo/mono switch, replacement ear pads, and an easy to replace drive. The headphones are also making use of the S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound System for crystal-clear quality sound, while having a reduced magnetic field emissions. Price: $189.



A good DJ needs a good software, and ABSYNTH 4 is sure to deliver that promise.  This piece of software is recognized for its natural, evolving sound-scapes, ranging from outstanding pads to complex sonic textures. Furthermore, ABSYNTH 4 features 1,200 KORE-configured sounds, having a range of styles and sounds. The KoreSound Browser enables the user to easily manages sounds, while the search & filter functions let you find presets according to specific characteristics and attributes. Price: an outstanding $299.

3. Shure PG58 Vocal Microphone


The PG58 Vocal Microphone features a simple dynamic cartridge that includes a neodymium magnet for high output level, internal shock mount for reduced handling noise, on/off switch, and much more, all available at only $54.99.

2. Akai MPD18


The MPD18 gives you the opportunity to add original MPC pads to your setup. The MIDI-over-USB pad controller has been designed to be used by DJs, producers and programmers. The product has been built around the pads and controls from Akai Professional’s industry-standard MPC series, and is an excellent choice for both the studio and the stage. Mix this gadget with virtually any MIDI software and you’re in for a big surprise. Akai’s MPD18 features: MIDI controller, MPC pads (bank of 16), three pad banks for a total of 48 accessible sounds, Q-Link assignable fader control, and more. Price: $99.99.

1. Chauvet LX-15


Our last addition to the list of cheap DJ equipment is the Chauvet LX-15 – an easy to use tri-color LED moonflower that brings light where it’s needed. The product features: rotating effect light that helps turning the groove on, ultra-crisp optics to create mind dazzling, mid-air or surface-projected effects, and amazing sound-activated programs to match the music’s beat. It’s a must have to any DJ, beginner or not. And the price is not bad either – only £59.00 (approximately $93).

With that we’ve concluded our list of DJ equipment, hoping that it helped you. Are you ready to take on the stage and heat up your public?