Whether you own a laptop, netbook, or just a good old PC, an important peripheral device is the mouse. The history of this device starts with the invention of the trackball by Tom Cranston, Fred Longstaff and Kenyon Taylor working on the Royal Canadian Navy’s DATAR project in 1952. It used a standard Canadian five-pin bowling ball, and it was not patented since it was a classified military project. Later on Douglas Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute invented the first mouse prototype in 1963 aided by his colleague Bill English. Since then the evolution of the computer mouse had rapidly boosted, going through several stages, from the mechanical mouse to the optical and gyroscopic mouse, and finally the wireless pointing device. Our list is going to offer you ten choices of cheap wireless mouse devices.

10. Linkworld LM-3150



This black with silver pointing device offers precise optical tracking with up to 800 dpi resolution. The scroll wheel enables flexible navigation and can be used as a third button. The mouse’s range is up to 33 feet thanks to its2.7 GHz RF wireless technology. All you have to do is plug the USB receiver into your computer and start using it. Price: $7.99

9. iOne Lynx-R7 5-Button



The five button Lynx R7 can work with up to 1000 dpi resolutions. The scroll wheel makes navigation easier, while the layout of five buttons helps you with Internet browsing (Previous/Next) while the LED keeps you alert with the battery’s life. The device’s range is up to 33 feet all thanks to the 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology. Price: $9.99

8. X-Gene 01011 3-Button



Yet another cheap wireless mouse is the X-Gene 01011, that features an ergonomic design to aid you with browsing and playing for hours. The high def optical technology enables the devices with ultra precise tracking, while the base receiver doubles as a 3-port USB 2.0 hub. The USB hub can slide right onto the bottom of the mouse for easy transportation. The device supports up to 800 DPI resolutions, has a LED battery indicator, and costs only $8.99.

7. Linkworld LM-5053 5-Button



The Linkworld LM-5053 mouse features five programmable buttons and optical technology of 800 dpi resolution that works on nearly any surface. Furthermore, the LM-5053 features a USB receiver that helps you save money and time. It has a comfortable design, comes in black and silver, runs on two rechargeable Ni-MH AAA batteries (included), and it will cost you only $9.99.

6. Microsoft 3000 4-Button



Microsoft’s 4 button mouse is designed to be top of the line, both as design and comfort. The mouse features a one of a kind back button that makes navigation through folders or web pages as simple as it can be, and a snap-in USB receiver. This device will cost you $11.99.

5. Logitech V220 3-Button



This cheap wireless mouse is both ergonomic and cool looking. It has the capability of working with 1000 DPI resolutions, and comes with a LED battery indicator, while the automatic sleep mode saves power if you forget to turn it off. The price for it is of only $12.99.

4. Logisys MS6801 3-Button



A small pointing device ideal for traveling, taking as little space as it can. The convenient 3-button and Hyper-Fast scroll wheel technology can easily handle all of your tasks, while the DPI resolutions are between 800 and 1600 at just a push of a button. This cheap wireless mouse costs only $15.99.

3. Mobile Mouse 3500 Special Edition



The 3500 Special Edition features BlueTrack Technology, and combines the power of optics with the precision of laser to make the device work on virtually any surface. The battery’s life is guaranteed for 8 months. Microsoft’s product costs only $13.25.

2. Verbatim 97265



The small nano receiver of this device plugs into the USB port on your laptop, while the great look and nano convenience are just some of the highlight features. In addition the 1600 DPI Sensor offers quick and precise movement on almost any surface, as well as 3 sleep modes for improved battery life. Price: $15.58.

1. Rosewill RM-7500



Our last choice works at full 360 degrees on up to 10 meters. The mouse is enabled with a multi-channel design that supports 8,388,608 IDs for improved performance at an operating distance of up to 10M. It’s ergonomic shape makes it easy to use and comfortable. It costs only $14.99.

Let us know which is your favorite.