Controversial ads, shocking posters, disturbing images, we officially don’t like them. However, most of us can’t help taking a look. They are intended to make a powerful impact on the viewers, so as to be remembered for a long time. Here are some of the most controversial ads out there:

1.Humans for Animals

monkey eating human brain

Animal rights group “Humans for animals” has put together a shocking campaign in order to be sure that they will make an impact on the masses. With the help of the publicity agency TBWA Paris, this organization tried to sensitize viewers by means of these posters. This picture is the reverse situation of men eating monkey brain  directly from the mokey’s skull (an exotic dish). I couldn’t resist sharing another ad from the same campaign :

2 . Humans for animals again

baby killed by seal

This second advertisement, that of a seal hunting down a human baby, is extremely powerful and was really a courageous move from their part. There’s nothing more disturbing than the image of a dead baby.

3. Women’s Aid campaign

abused old woman

In order to raise awareness for domestic violence, Grey London created a campaign for Women’s Aid which features photoshopped pictures of UK celebrities (here, actress Honor Blackman). Seeing an abused old lady makes most people angry and this is, in fact, the expected reaction.

4. World Wildlife Fund for Nature

human mutant

WWF is known for its amazing, though sometimes controversial, ads. This time, they had the amazing idea of showing us what could possibly happen to us if we don’t start  taking care of the planet. If this scary image featuring the future of the human race as imagined by WWF does not make you want to act, then probably nothing will!


orphan child

UNICEF is another organization which tries to make a worldwide impact through its inspired though shocking ads. This impressive picture may even make some sensitive people weep, as it features a small child who tries to imagine how it is like to have a mom and a dad.  What can possibly be more touching?!

6. It’s Wrong!

it's wrong!

This is one of the controversial ads that will probably make a bad impression on you. The image of a young girl having the body of a fully developed woman cannot but disgust normal people. This poster is part of a public awareness campaign by Ad agency Serve. The tagline reads “If you see a child as anything more, it’s wrong”.

7. Carribu Bitter

girl killing chick

This is part of a series of controversial ads which were created for a chocolate brand. As disgusting as you might consider it (and with a good reason), it is sure to help you keep that brand in mind!

8. Safe campaign

bear wit no fur

Safe is an organization that fights against animal cruelty and abuse. These people use such instruments as shocking advertisements and politic lobbying in order to deliver their message to the public. The shocking posters they created try to make people realize that there is no need to use animals as winter clothes anymore.

9.  AIDES campaign

spider and woman

The poster is weird, repulsive, but it is meant to make such an impact that it may never be forgotten. The image is surely horrifying, but it is meant to deliver a serious message from AIDES, an organization which fights against the spread of aids.

10. Help children of Niger

skinny child

This campaign tries to raise public awareness as regards to the sufferance of Nigerian children. As all controversial ads, it tried to deliver its message by using an upsetting image. The tagline is disturbing as well and makes us realize our own selfishness: we care only about the things that happen in our own yard. Who to help them, then?!

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