If you’ve been tempted, prompted or interested in quitting smoking, but have found it too hard, we advise you consider an electronic cigarette. You may have heard of these intelligent, portable, minute devices before, since they’ve been on the market since 2007. You may also be familiar with the ongoing debate as to whether or not they are actually safe. The American Food and Drug Association, the main authority on the safety of substances meant for human consumption has had its say on the matter. We have their opinion, as well as nine other facts, which will help you decide whether or not you want to give this effective nicotine replacement therapy a chance at turning your life around.

1. Smoking with No Smoke

electronic cigarette 1

One of the most aggravating aspect about smokers of tobacco cigarettes is the trail of smoke they are constantly emanating. This permeates their skin and hair, makes their teeth and the skin on their fingers yellow, while also impregnating all fabrics on a sizeable radius with the smell of cigarette smoke. That scent is difficult to get rid of, and will often ruin major décor and furniture pieces, such as couches, linens or carpets. The situation is entirely different with electronic cigarettes, which do not produce smoke. The process of ‘smoking’ them is actually called vaping, since they emit vapors instead of smoke.

2. Toxin-Free and Health-Conscious

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All opponents of tobacco consumption will point out that, aside from nicotine, regular cigarettes also contain several thousand toxic substances (4,000 or 7,000, according to alternative counts). This is entirely non-applicable to electronic cigarettes, which contain fluid nicotine, but no tar or carbon monoxide. Since they are toxin-free, it goes without saying that switching over to the electronic device will substantially decrease your risk of contracting diseases traditionally associated with smoking.

3. Reduce, then Quit

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Electronic cigarettes have been entered into the category of nicotine replacement therapies for a reason. Beyond the fact that you can gradually decrease the level of nicotine you consume via your electronic cigarette, there is also a psychological aspect to the device, which might prove effective in your attempt to renounce smoking for good. Smoking a regular cigarette is a veritable ritual, confirmed by socializing norms, which, in time, takes on an emotional reward aspect. Smoke the whole thing, and you’ll feel better. Meanwhile, an electronic cigarette can never burn out, which means you will have one incentive less for smoking for 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

4. Save, Save, Save

One of the biggest boons about electronic cigarettes are their comparatively lower costs. Calculate the amount of money you would spend over the course of a single month, as a smoker of one pack per day. You’d be spending at least $6 per pack, whereas refilling the nicotine fluid cartridge on your electronic cigarette will cost you an average of $2 per cigarette. Bear in mind that the content of one electronic cigarette is the equivalent of an entire pack – which brings you to a $4 rebate per pack!

5. Concerned about Insurance?

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As all responsible adults know, if they have been cautious enough to take out life insurance, smokers’ premiums are substantially more expensive, since insurance providers rightfully consider that they are willfully exposing themselves to potentially fatal risks. Meanwhile, electronic cigarette smokers are essentially non-smokers in front of the law. Once you have decided to completely switch over to electronic cigarettes, make sure you inform your insurance company of this change in your lifestyle. You might be eligible for a drop in monthly rates.

6. All Comfort, All the Time

Tobacco smokers are currently being ‘ostracized’ by society. They are no longer allowed to expose others to their equally harmful second hand smoke, which means smoking is strictly off-limits in airports, means of public transport, restaurants, offices, bars – and in some parts of the world it’s prohibited even outdoors. This has smokers reduced to smoking in their own homes… and that’s about it. But since electronic cigarettes do not produce any smoke per se, the law will allow you to smoke them anywhere, in most parts of the world.

7. Safety First

electronic cigarette 7

As a smoker, you may have become increasingly concerned with the risk of igniting an accidental fire, either in your own home, at a public location, or outdoors. This is no longer an issue when smoking e-cigs, since they involve absolutely no fire, flame or ignition. They are, indeed, battery-operated, which means you need to watch out for battery leakage, and properly dispose of all components, once they have run the course of their lifespan.

8. The FDA Has Its Say

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The main ingredient in electronic cigarettes is propylene glycol. While the FDA has expressed some concerns over various e-cigarette manufacturers, who may or may not list the accurate description of their devices’ ingredients, one thing is for sure. Propylene glycol has been used for human consumption in various forms (food included) for decades now. It is not toxic at all, not even mildly so. As such, it is safe to assert that electronic cigarettes are fit for human usage.

9. Genuine Help in Quitting

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With a regular pack of cigarettes, there isn’t much you can do when it comes to nicotine levels. Basically, whatever the pack says it contains, that’s it. You can try to smoke a lighter variant, or even switch brands. However, most long-term smokers who switch brands will switch to a more nicotine-charged one. When switching to lighter cigarettes, they will end up smoking more cigarettes per day, as to supplement the difference in nicotine intake. None of these things apply to electronic cigarette use, which is more akin to nicotine patches in this respect. You can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine per fluid container, until you are down to nicotine-free fluid – and then quit once and for all!

10. A New & Improved You

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Nothing and no one in the world can make you give up smoking for good, unless, of course, you are determined to do it. That being said, when you take up smoking electronic cigarettes, some improvements meant to lead you down the path of quitting completely will be immediately visible. You will have fresher breath and your clothes, hair, and home will no longer reek of smoke. If this doesn’t convince you to quit, then keep trying. One day, you, too, will get there.