It doesn’t matter whether you want to prepare for a crazy hat day or just want to have fun with your kids, friends, or family, a funny unusual hat is always the paved way to guaranteed fun. But you don’t have to start a hat-seeking marathon throughout the city; you can easily make your own strange hats at home. This post will walk you through 10 crazy hat ideas you can make at home.

So stop throwing out old coloured paper or buttons and watch what magical things you can do with them. Newspapers, paper plates, paper bags can also be used to make paper hats. Whether you’re looking for a party activity for a group of kids or a craft project for some Crazy Hat Day, you’ll find some witty solutions below.

1. Newspaper Hat

10 Crazy Hat Ideas1

Newspaper hats have been around since Grandpa was a boy and even before that. Why not try your hand at making one? All it takes is a few simple folds and some pieces of tape. Whether you’re making a pirate hat or unique fashion statement, gather up your old newspapers and have some old-fashioned fun.

10 Crazy Hat Ideas11


2. The Sun Visor Hat

10 Crazy Hat Ideas21

A sun visor is a cute and colorful way to keep the sun out of your eyes. Start with a simple paper plate, a few crafts supplies, and your imagination. Make a cut in the rim on one side of the plate, and cut an oval shape from this slit around the center of the plate, closer to this edge than to the others. Make the oval a little smaller than you think it should be to fit around your head. You can always go back to enlarge it, but once it’s cut you can’t make it smaller. Cut off the rim around the back and the sides, leaving it intact at the front of the visor. Than glue the cut in the back of the visor back together, adjusting the size of the hole if necessary. Let dry.

10 Crazy Hat Ideas2


3. Cute Baby Moose Hat

10 Crazy Hat Ideas3

This is for the crafty mom who is good with needle and thread. Transform an old sweatshirt or winter hat into a moose costume and let your little one explore his wild side. You will need stuffing and some cheap white gloves.

4. Crazy Paper Hat for any Occasion

10 Crazy Hat Ideas4

These wild hats take very little preparation work, aren’t messy, and are perfect for both little and big crafty kiddos. Start with a 12″x18″ sheet of colored construction paper. Cut strips along the length of the paper, leaving a 3″-4″ uncut band of paper at the bottom. No need for the strips to be cut perfectly straight or all the same size. Afterwards just start embellishing the strips. Some can be folded like an accordion. You could also color your strips with markers, use shaped punches, add googly eyes, or cover with stickers. This part is usually left to the kids to enjoy, just provide them with a bunch of crazy useless stuff, like buttons or old stickers, and let their imagination go wild.

5. Crazy Clown Hat

10 Crazy Hat Ideas5

It’s such fun to wear a crazy clown hat that you’ve created. This cat can even inspire you to become a professional clown someday. But regardless of your career aspirations, this hat is definitely as much fun to wear, as it is to make. You’ll basically need a paper grocery bag crumpled and opened up several times in order to soften it. Roll up the bottom edge to make the brim. To make a tall hat, roll a smallish brim; to make a shorter hat, roll a bigger brim. Paint the want however you want. Then using ribbons, crazy buttons, old flowers or plastic ones, just create it using your imagination. Keep the sun out of your eyes with a decorative, flower-laden sun visor explained at number 2.

6. Ladybug Crazy Hat

10 Crazy Hat Ideas6

You need black and white paint for this and a red baseball cap. The rest of the process is rather self-explanatory.

7. Crazy Octopus Hat

10 Crazy Hat Ideas7

Next time you get a package with bubble wrap save it and use it to make this eight-legged sea creature. Peering through the pink legs, your kiddo will drift off into his/her own little world under the sea. It resembles the Clown Hat described above, but with the legs hanging around the hat.

8. Crazy Rainbow Hat from Egg Carton

10 Crazy Hat Ideas8

All you need for this super easy but still great looking crazy hat is paint, an egg carton, and a ribbon for the tie.

9. Crazy Crab Hat

10 Crazy Hat Ideas9

Even though summer is gone for the moment, the kids can still imagine that they’re rolling in the waves enjoying the warm weather or portraying Little Mermaid’s beautiful aquatic world. All you need for this crab hat is red construction paper, paper bowl, clothespins, red paint, black construction paper for the smile (or just a black marker), and foam balls for the eyes. But you can improvise as far as the eyes are concerned as well.

10. Crazy Flower Crown

10 Crazy Hat Ideas10

This isn’t exactly a hat, but nevertheless a girl wearing a flower crown is always the star of the party. They just give this ingenuity touch and the appealing colors that flowers have are sure to draw attention and appreciation. With this flower crown your kids will escape to the jungles of Tarzan and Jane. This craft is for the ones with good finger dexterity. Make shorter or longer chains for necklaces or bracelets. Here is a tutorial.