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Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive Christmas ornaments that eventually end up in on the floor thanks to your cat? Or maybe this year you want to do something special to impress your friends and family! Either way, it’s time you did something with your own two hands, don’t you think? How about this year you made your own DYI paper Christmas ornaments? If this thought appeals to you, we’re going to give you 10 easy and great Christmas decorating ideas that will make your Christmas tree the best looking tree on the block! Read on and take notes!

10. Bow Wreathchristmas decorating ideas bow wreath

What’s Christmas without a wreath on your front door? Why not spice things up and make a wreath made entirely out of bows. Look at how colorful and joyful this wreath is! It will take you some time to make all the individual bows, but it’s well worth the effort, and your wreath will be the envy of the neighborhood.

9. Homemade Giftschristmas decorating ideas handmade soap

Have you ever tried to make Christmas gifts? For example, a handmade soap makes a lovely gift that is also pretty great to use as decorations, especially the ones that will fill the room with their wonderful smell. Making soap is no easy job, but once you get the hang of it, you can even make a living out of it.

8. Photo Wreathchristmas decorating ideas photo wreath

Come on, break the pattern, this Christmas and do a special kind of wreath to hand on your front door or above the mantle. This photo wreath is absolutely superb and you can make it in less than fifteen minutes. Just select your favorite pictures and arrange then in a wreath shape and you’re good to go! If you think that hanging personal photos on your front door is a little too much, then hang these around the house.

7. Faux Treechristmas decorating ideas faux tree

We strongly encourage you not to buy real trees, so if you want something completely eco-friendly, we suggest you make a Christmas tree out of sticks. Just look at how amazing this one is and it’s dead easy to make. You can stick them to a wall, a door or attach the sticks with a clear thread and hang them.

6. Red and White Ribbonschristmas decorating ideas red and white

These red and white ribbons are so simple to make and will look good in your tree, on your front porch, around the house and on the Christmas table. Red and white are the perfect Christmas colors and if you add in a little silver, you’ve got it all! These decorations are perfect for the persons who don’t have enough time on their hands to do time-consuming Christmas decorations, but still want to have something handmade in their homes.

5. Christmas Cards christmas decorating ideas christmas cards

Gather your friends or kids and spend an entire afternoon making Christmas cards! It’s the memories that count, not the cards themselves, and you’ll make lots of great memories making Christmas cards. Make sure to have as many supplies as possible, you wouldn’t want to run out of pink glitter on a Wednesday night!

4. Citrus Lovin’christmas decorating ideas citrus ornaments

These are probably the most interesting handmade Christmas ornaments you can do with next-to-nothing money. Slice a few lemons and oranges thinly, place them on a piece of paper near a source of heat and in a couple of days you’ve got some pretty ornaments you can hang in your Christmas tree!

3. Edible Christmas Ornamentschristmas decorating ideas cookies

OK, so maybe you’ve never thought about this one, but this year, how about you made your own edible Christmas ornaments? Make some cookies or gingerbread men and hang them in your tree. This way, when Christmas is over, you can go ahead and consume all the ornaments. Just make sure you dust them off a bit!

2. Let Nature Inchristmas decorating ideas nature

Let nature be your inspiration this Christmas. Use pine cones to decorate your Christmas tree, use sticks and branches around the house. Stones and twigs will give your house a very rustic feel and you’re not hurting anyone when you’re throwing them away after Christmas. Enough with the dead Christmas trees already!

1. Forget the rest, Paper is the Best

christmas decorating ideas paper ornaments

Just look at these amazing paper ornaments! If you follow the instructions, you too can create them and amaze your family and friends. They’re quite easy to make and you can decorate the tree with as many as you want, without being redundant. As we said, forget the rest, paper is the best!

For more inspiration we recommend Pinterest or Tumblr. Do you have any more Christmas decorating ideas?