There are numerous good inner thigh workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home. These 10 easy exercises don’t require you to take a trip to the gym or even the use of any special equipment (except a ball in some cases) or heavy machine and they work wonders on both men and women thighs.

They provide a great workout for when you have just a minute or two to spare on toning your inner or outer thighs and will help you get rid of that extra weight and fat while helping you look your best without having to spend an entire evening at the gym.

Even though there is probably no such thing as the best inner thigh workout, here are presented 10 of the more important workouts for inner thighs.

1. Gliding Side Lunge

Inner thigh workouts

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Gliding side lunges are a variation of the traditional lunges. This kind of exercise works the buttocks and legs but as you glide your leg back, it’s your inner thigh that does all of the work. You can use the cap of a container to help you do this on a carpet or if you exercise on a floor made of wood you can just use socks.

By doing so, you can target muscles in the inner thigh of the leg that is gliding and work the thighs and hips of the lunging leg. In order of remaining balanced keep your hands in front of your chest for the duration of the exercise.

2. Sumo Squat with Side-Arm Raises

Inner thigh workouts sumo squat

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Celebrity trainers Teddy Bass, David Kirsch and Jackie Warner all highly recommend this kind of squat (it is also known as the plié squat) for helping you tone your legs. You should concentrate your attention on the inner thigh when doing this exercise, not on your quads. This exercise is best when used together with a couple of weights.

3. Pilates Inner Thigh Leg Lifts

Inner thigh workouts pilates exercise

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You might be reminded of the 1980s workout videos featuring Jane Fonda, but this particular exercise has been used constantly in Pilates workouts for several years now. In this routine, you exercise all the inner thigh muscle groups since the knee is kept straight throughout the exercise.

4. Gate Swing with Cross

Inner thigh workouts gate swing cross

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This intense stretch of the inner thigh tones your quads, buttocks and both your inner and outer thighs while getting your heart rate up.

5. Narrow Squat with Overhead Pass

Inner thigh workouts narrow squat

Standing in a narrower stance while doing squats will have a great impact on your inner quad, inner hamstring and inner thigh and you can also lift weights to work your arms while doing this kind of exercise.

6. Side Lunge

Inner thigh workouts side lunge

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Side lunges are a different take on normal lunges. This exercise really works the muscle on the side of your pelvis along with the inner thighs while being friendly on your knees.

7. Elbow Plank with Leg Lifts

Inner thigh workouts elbow plan

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Including a leg lift to the side plank tones your outer thigh while challenging the core. The secret to keeping the pelvis high while you lift the upper leg is to reach the inner thigh from your leg on the bottom upwards.

8. Side Lunge to Curtsy

Inner thigh workouts side lunge curtsy

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This exercise also improves your balance and coordination along with toning your buttocks, core, arms and legs. If you are new to lunges, feel free not to add weights to the exercise until you familiarize yourself with the positions of the legs.

9. Ball Pass

Inner thigh workouts ball pass

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Making use of an exercise ball in your workouts is one of the best ways in which you can add a bit more challenge to standard exercises. Even though this move more specifically targets your abdomen, your inner thighs will also get an intense workout by squeezing a ball between your legs.

Because you have to work a little more to keep the ball between your legs, you wind up using more muscle groups.

10. Lunge Cross-Overs with Medicine Ball

Inner thigh workouts lunge crossovers medicine ball

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This exercise will tone the inner thighs as well as tone the lower buttocks. Adding arm work to the move makes this exercise an excellent time saver that provides a workout for the whole body. Remember to work both sides of your body with the help of this exercise.

So, before you start to plan on spending a lot of money on gym memberships or trying to figure out how to include a visit to the gym in your busy schedule why not try using these easy and effective inner thigh workouts in the comfort of your own home? They will most likely leave you feeling great afterwards without digging into your budget. If you find yourself stuck on one or more routines know that there probably is a video on YouTube explaining that specific exercise in detail.