Rivers Of Light - Things Coming At Disney World in 2018

Walt Disney is probably a happy man in the afterlife. When he died, he left behind a world that keeps expanding and welcoming more and more people in its magic. The thing about Disney is that when I say world, I mean an actual world, curtsy to the wonders of the sorts of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The latter was initially a themed park whose construction was supervised by Walt Disney himself, but its expansion led it to becoming way more than that. When you go to Disney World, you step through the gates of a fantastic empire, and atmosphere is its strongest suit. Either way, no matter how large and impressive you may think the park is, it actually will get even more astounding, with these 10 Exciting Things At Disney World.

1. Symphony In The Stars

Things Coming At Disney World in 2018 - Symphony In The Stars

Fans of Star Wars are going to be happy to know that Disney World is going to bring the live experience right before of them. Guests are going to be able to enjoy delicious desserts underneath explosions of fireworks. If you want something more, fear not: there will also be exhibited special displays, you’ll be able to get a look behind the scenes and, if lucky, you may even have an encounter with Darth Vader or Chewbacca.

2. Rivers Of Light

Rivers Of Light - Things Coming At Disney World in 2018

This show is going to bathe the Animal Kingdom in light. Using water as a surface, this innovative spectacle is going to fill the night skies with floating lanterns, entertainers, water screens and stunning projections of various animals. The debut of the show is going to be this spring, and it’s definitely something you can’t miss if you decide to pay Disney World a visit.

3. Night Safari

Night Safari, One Of The Things Coming At Disney World in 2018

Speaking of the Animal Kingdom, those who seek to enjoy the thrill of a safari can now do it in a completely new light – literally. The gates to the wilderness are going to stay open longer, allowing visitors to travel among the mighty savanna animals even when the sun is starting to glow dusky orange.

4. Frozen Ever After

Things Coming At Disney World in 2018 Include Frozen Ever After

Modern Disney wouldn’t be whole without Frozen, its most successful movie in a long time (I dare say, since Lion King even). A new attraction that’s going to open in the Norway pavilion is going to take guests on a journey through a spectacle of ice and light put up by Queen Elsa herself. Moreover, you’ll be able to go for a ride through Elsa’s ice palace, visit the Bay of Arendelle and even get lost on the blue North Mountain. Hold on, there are more good news: is your child constantly going on about how they want to be like Elsa and Anna? Well, now they will be able to meet them! Also at the Norway pavilion, guests will be able to say hi to the two Frozen protagonists in the new meet-and-greet spot in the Royal Sommerhus. You should probably take some precautions beforehand, though. We all know that Elsa isn’t really that great at meeting people.

5. Skipper Canteen

Skipper Canteen, Among The Things Coming At Disney World in 2018

The brand new “Skipper Canteen” restaurant has been up and running since December 2015. Guests will get to enjoy the so called “World Class Jungle Cuisine,” in a themed environment and an unique setting. From the dining room, to the crew mess hall, you’ll even be able to explore a previously top secret meeting room that had been used by the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. It’s guaranteed that you’ll have a good time there, since the staff is famed for being incredibly humorous.

6. Disney Springs

Things Coming At Disney World in 2018 - Disney Springs

Disney Springs is still a growing area, with many of the constructors’ plans materializing. New additions are going to include eateries and retail stores, that are going to make out of Disney Springs a paradise for anyone willing to spend money. And if you wish for us to get even more specific about it, some of the names that are due to materialize this year include: STK steakhouse, Sprinkles, The Edison (eateries), PANDORA, UGG and Zara (retail).

7. runDisney Events

runDisney Events - Things Coming At Disney World in 2018

Get in shape while having fun by participating in the Disney World races that have already kicked off on 16th of January. Throughout the year, there is a total of four weekends that are meant to unite visitors in a movement that promotes health and physical activity. If you’re thinking that you’ve missed your chance, don’t worry: there will be two other race weekends in April and, respectively, November, so book tickets ahead!

8. Resort Hotels Special Offer

Resort Special Offers, Some Of The Things Coming At Disney World in 2018

Those of you who may want to live the full Disney World experience, but are held back the the expenses for a night spent in one of its resort’s hotels – there are good news for you. Through an “early bird offer,” visitors who want to stay in a room from the Disney World Hotel Resorts between January 2 – April 13 will be able to save twenty percent. Guests can book a room and benefit from the offer by accessing the website DisneyWorld.com/special-offers.

9. Springtime Events

Things Coming At Disney World in 2018 Include Springtime Events

The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is going return today, bringing the joy of spring in the heart of the theme park. Until May 15, for ninety days, guests will be delighted by the beautiful topiaries in a variety of colors, and the Outdoor Kitchens. Also in March, Raglan Road’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival is going to kick off on the 17th, increasing even more the fun levels.

10. Soarin’ Around The World

Soarin', Among The Things Coming At Disney World in 2018

Experience a journey across the world in an unique way, by getting on board of this new attraction. Soarin’ is going to open its gates to visitors in Epcot, during summer, when guests will be able to travel above some of the world’s most iconic landscapes and trademarks.

I’ve never thought that someone could possibly need reasons to want to go to Disney World, but everything has its skeptics. Ideally, everyone should live the incredible experience that is one of Disney’s fameous parks, because everyone to deserves to feel like they’re living in a fairytale, even if briefly. These 10 Exciting Things At Disney World have been, hopefully, able to convince you that a trip to Florida is something that you must add on your list of things to do before you die.

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