Unsolved murder cases are the mystery stories that we all like to read. They are fascinating real facts that gave birth both to rumors  and to fear among the residents of  the town where the crime took place. These cases gained international fame and the most interesting stories were put into movies and books.  Even though many years have passed, the cases are still open and the public awaits for the criminal to appear. Here is a list of the most notable unsolved crimes in history:

1.  JonBenét Ramsey (1990-1996)


This is one of the most moving crime stories, both because it implied a child and because the vicious murderer of this little angel is still out there. One day after Christmas, JonBenét Ramsey aged 6, a beauty pageant contestant, was kidnapped from her own home. Her mother discovered a ransom note demanding 118,000$ for her return. However, later that day, the little girl was found death in Ramsey’s wine cellar.  Immediately, the parents and even the 9 years old brother of the victim became the main suspects in the case. Critics claim that the investigation was not properly carried out and that it is possible that the investigators ignored important details regarding the crime scene because of their suspicions. The family was cleared in 2008 when advancements in DNA sampling proved that they had nothing to do with the murder.

2. Black Dahlia (1924-1947)

black dhalia

Black Dahlia was the nickname of Elizabeth Short, a 22 years old waitress. She was the victim of a much-publicized murder in Los Angeles. Her severely mutilated body was found on a vacant lot by a local. Her face was slashed from the corners of her mouth to the ears. The case gave birth to countless theories as well as to several books and movie adaptations. Although more than 60 persons admitted that they had committed the crime and LAPD conducted the largest investigation ever(up to that point), the murderer was never found.

3. Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)

tupac shakur

The young rapper, record-producer and activist had an agitated life, marked by conflicts with other rappers, sexual assault charges and prison. Regardless of these problems with the law, Tupac is one of the best selling music artists in the world and he was an idol for many teenagers. Tupac was shot four times in Las Vegas in a drive-by and was taken to the University Medical Center, where he died of internal bleeding 6 days later, on September 13. Though the drive-by took place in a crowded area, no witness could give details about the shooter. The police made no progress in the process of discovering the murderer and many different theories emerged, including one which involved Biggie(with whom Shakur had several conflicts).

4. The boy in the box (?-1957)

boy in the box

This is one of the most mysterious cases of unsolved murders in the world. The unknown child nicknamed ‘the boy in the box’ (aged 4 to 6) was found on February 25, 1957 in a cardboard box in Philadelphia. Several theories immediately arose, but no prove was ever found regarding any of them, while the pictures of the boy, which were distributed throughout the city, were inefficient. Despite recent DNA investigations, the murderer was not found and the identity of the boy remains a mystery.

5. Bob Crane (1928-1978)

bob crane

He was an American actor and DJ best known for his performance in the TV series ‘Hogan’s Heroes’. He was married twice and had 5 children. Crane was bludgeoned to death in 1978 with a weapon that was never found. The main suspect of this murder was his close friend, John Henry Carpententer who photographed some of Crane’s sexual escapades with different women. Apparently, the night before his death, the actor had called Carpenter and put an end to their friendship relation. Did this make Carpenter as angry as to kill him? No one knows the truth. While he is the only serious suspect to the crime and the police strongly believe he was guilty, Carpenter’s involvement in the crime could not be proved even with the help of modern technology.

6. Oscar Romero (1917-1980)

archbishop romero

Oscar Romero was a bishop of the Romano-Catholic church in El Salvador. He was appointed Archbishop of El Salvador in 1977. Soon after his nomination, he began to speak out against the social injustice, poverty, assassination and torture, the results of a long civil war. One day before his assassination, he had publicly criticized the U.S. military support for the government of El Salvador.  He also asked soldiers to disobey orders that contradicted with the human rights. Unfortunately, he was shot and killed while performing the mass at a little chapel  and died.

7. The case of the disembodied feet

disembodied feet

Since August 2007 and until December 2010, a number of 7 disembodied feet were found washed ashore near Vancouver and another 3 were discovered in Washington.  They were still clad in snickers. No one knows how those feet (of 5 men and 1 woman) ended up in that place. However, the DNA of one of the feet matched that of a man who was missing for several months. No other remainings were recovered so far and the theories regarding the identity of the victims as well as of the assumed murderer (if there was any) are plenty and highly imaginative.

8.  The Chicago Tylenol poisoning

tylenol poisoning

This is the story of 7 unsolved murders which were provoked by some poisoned Tylenol pills in 1982. The series of crimes began with twelve-year-old Mary Kellerman who died after taking a capsule of Extra-Strength Tylenol. Later on, Adam Janus also died after taking the same kind of pill. His brother and sister-in -law gathered to mourn him and they both sadly died after using pills from the same bottle to relief headache. Three other women died in similar circumstances soon after. Urgent warnings were broadcast, and police drove through Chicago neighborhoods issuing warnings over loudspeakers. In addition to the bottles recovered from the victims, 3 other bottles containing poisoned capsules were discovered. Even though a man sent a letter to the manufacturing company demanding 1 million $ in order to stop the crime series, he could not be charged with the murderers for lack of evidence and he was only convicted for extortion. The case remains open up to this day.

9. Jack the Ripper

victim of jack the ripper

Jack the Ripper is the author of the most famous unsolved murderers in history. Officially he killed five women, all of them London prostitutes, in 1888. Later that year and over the next one, the police department and newspapers received several letters, all claiming to be from the murderer. However, specialists consider that all these letters are hoaxes. The identity of the infamous Whitechapel murderer was never discovered.

10. The Zodiac Killer


The Zodiac remained up to this day a mysterious serial killer who liked to send encrypted letters to San Francisco newspapers. He committed the crimes he is notorious for in 1969, but the investigation was carried out for many years afterwards. His (supposedly) first crime took place in December 1968, when a couple was shot while sitting in the car. His other victims were shot as well. What makes this serial killer so famous is his playing with the police department. Except for letters, he also sent a piece of a blooded t-shirt and he threatened to blow up a school bus. Though investigations continued for many years and as much as 2500 persons were considered more or less suspect, no one was ever officially accused of these murders.

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