The world of free iPhone apps is enormous, which is, of course, to the advantage of the users. However, one might get lost in the labyrinth of so many possibilities. This is when a list of awesome free iPhone applications becomes really useful.

1. Remote

remote app

Remote is the coolest free application one can get for his iPhone. It turns the iPhone into a wireless remote control with the help of which the user may control any iTunes library. Remote works both on Windows and OS X, allowing such commands as play, pause, skip or shuffle tracks.

2. Pandora

pandora app

Pandora is a radio service based on the music genome project. It is free, personalized and allows you to stream music on your iPhone. You only need to type the name of your favorite singers or bands, for example and Pandora will create your own ‘radio station’ that plays their music only.

3. Shazam

shazam app

Shazam is one of those apps that you don’t really need, but you love having. One of the coolest free iPhone apps out there, it will find the lyrics of your favourite songs wherever they are played: on TV, in a store or on the street. What is more, it allows you to see and sing those lyrics as they play in time to the music.

4. Twitterific

twitterific app

Twitterific is an award-winning client for Iphone that is easy to use, good looking and impressively versatile. It comes both in free and paid versions with the sole difference that the free one displays adds from time to time, not so as to disturb you though.

5. Movies

movies app

Movies is one of the free iPhone apps specially created for the movie goers. It allows you to see what is new in the theatres near you and it also provides movie reviews. You may even buy your tickets online with its help.

6. AIM


AOL  Instant Messenger is worldwide known. It has the largest segment of the instant messenger market in the entire USA. Though it still needs some improvement (and it most certainly will be improved), AIM is one of the free iPhone apps which are worth having.

7. Net News Wire

net news wire app

Net News Wire is a free RSS reader for iPhone that is based on the application developed by Bret and Sheila Simmons, in 2002. This app synchronizes with all of Newsgator’s free RSS readers, meaning that it will coordinate all the subscriptions between your computer and your iPhone. If you mark something read, it will be read everywhere.

8. Bloomberg


Bloomberg is another cool iPhone application you might be interested in. It is not only a great news gatherer, but also offers a set of tools to help you analyze the stock market all over the world. As soon as you find a company, you can add it to your portfolio and keep track of the stock price.

9. Eventful

eventful app

Eventful helps users search for, track and share information about events. With just about 7 million registered users, this is a cherished web application. Recently, it joined the list of the awesome free iPhone apps so from now on it will be easier to find out what is playing near you, even when you are travelling.

10. E-bay Mobile

e-bay mobile

We are all e-Bay fans, and it is rightly so. Hence, it comes only natural that we should be able to take e-bay with us wherever we go. And for free, too. E-bay mobile is truly amazing. It allows you to search, bid and check auction activity from anywhere you have a 3G or Edge Internet connection. Moreover, a summary screen gives you a count of auctions you’re watching, winning and of those you have been outbid on. There are many other awesome free iPhone apps so feel free to tell us which ones you like most!

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