10 Fun facts About Nuts you probably didn’t know

A lot of people are afraid of eating nuts, because there’s something about their great taste that apparently makes it difficult to stop once you get the first bite. But your body always tells you when you’ve had enough. Just listen to it. A handful of nuts is far from being fattening. It’s incredibly healthy, keeps you full for a longer time and avoids blood-sugar fluctuations. These are just common facts, but here are 10 fun facts about nuts you probably didn’t know.

Recent studies have shown that nut eaters live longer than the ones who are afraid of consuming them and have a decreased incidence when it comes to cardiovascular diseases or cancer. So let’s take a look at 10 nuts, 10 facts and 10 advantages that you’ll make you crazy about nuts.

1. Pistachios and spinach have a lot in common

Heap of pistachio

Why is that? Because both of them are green, and the source for their pigment is basically the same: chlorophyll. Pistachio consumption is linked to the increase of antioxidants in your blood, a healthier heart, and it may as well decrease the pulmonary cancer risk. Pistachio can be eaten as a snack, turned into butter or paste in order to flavour your favourite foods, or as a salad topping.

2. Peanuts are not nuts

10 Fun facts About Nuts you probably didn’t know2

Peanuts are vegetables, not nuts. According to a 2013 finding, future mothers who eat peanuts have a lower risk of giving birth to a child allergic to nuts, or any kind of vegetables, as a matter of fact. So have a scoop of some good old peanut butter. Well “old” is more like a figure of speech in this case.

3. Your intestines are fond of almonds

10 Fun facts About Nuts you probably didn’t know3

According to a 2008 study, eating almonds increases the “good” bacteria from your intestines. Apart from eating almonds as a daily snack, consider the option of replacing cow milk with almond milk, which is incredibly delicious, not to mention healthy.

4. Macadamia nuts let us know when they’re ready to be consumed

10 Fun facts About Nuts you probably didn’t know4

Macadamia gatherers usually pick these nuts from the ground, not from the tree. That means they are perfectly ripe and ready to be eaten. Bare in mind the fact that, along with pecan nuts, they have the highest caloric intake. So just 5 or 6 should be enough to boost your heart health for one day. Also try using the macadamia oil in your foods.

5. Cashew nuts are unbelievable, but their shells are our worst enemy

10 Fun facts About Nuts you probably didn’t know9

Do you remember ever seeing a cashew nut locked inside its shell? It seems this nut belongs to a poisoning group of plants, and by simply coming in contact with its shell, your life can turn into a scratching nightmare. But once you get to the actual nut, life becomes paradise all of a sudden. Cashew nuts battle diabetes like no others. Also consider using cashew cream as a substitute for the traditional one.

6. Brazil nuts are fond of men

10 Fun facts About Nuts you probably didn’t know6

Brazil nuts help men fight against prostate cancer because they contain selenium, which is known to fight against this health problem in a natural and effective way. Just one Brazil nut provides a day’s supply.

7. Almonds can easily replace dairy products

10 Fun facts About Nuts you probably didn’t know7

Although their protein amounts are similar, nut for nut, almonds win every time. Just a handful provides tons of magnesium, and more calcium than an equal amount of milk. They are filled with vitamin E, potassium, folic acid, some selenium (now you know what it’s good for) and fiber.

8.Walnuts are rich in omega-3 and fight inflammation

10 Fun facts About Nuts you probably didn’t know8

Not only do they contain the greatest amount of antioxidants of all nuts, which help protect your body from the cellular damage that contributes to heart disease, cancer, and premature aging, but according to a recent study, walnuts are also the richest in omega-3 fatty acids, which fight inflammation among other things. The manganese they contain may reduce PMS symptoms.

9. Cashew nuts make you smart

Cashew nuts are rich in iron and zinc, and iron helps deliver oxygen to all of your cells, which can prevent anemia, and zinc is critical to immune health and healthy vision. They also contain magnesium that may help improve memory and protect against age-related memory loss.

10. Peanuts increase your memory

Vitamin B3 and niacin present in peanuts can boost your memory. Additionally, a flavonoid called reservatol can help in improving blood flow to the brain by 30%. As a result they also help fight depression, which is caused due to a lack of serotonin secretion in the brain. Peanuts have tryptophan that helps release serotonin aiding you fight depression.

Bottom line, substitute chips or cookies with nuts, but try avoiding the nuts that are fried in oil or loaded with salt. As little as two ounces of nuts a week appear to help you keep the doctor away for as long as possible.