When you’re having a party, someone is bound to start searching for the jello shot cups, so if you want your party to be a success, you have to provide the goods. Booze always makes a party more interesting, but make sure not to overdo it, otherwise everything could turn into a disaster. Be a good host and always be prepared. Here are ten fun party drinks that will add color to your party.




10. Homemade Sangria


This one is very easy to make. Just take a punch bowl, throw in a bottle of sweet red wine, some chopped up lemons, oranges, apples, and let them sit in the wine until they absorb it well and change color, a couple of hours will do the trick. There you have it, homemade sangria, simple, isn’t it?

9. Vodka in a Watermelon


Be careful with this one, because it will pack a punch. Make a hole in a large ripe watermelon and pour a whole bottle of vodka inside. Let it sit in the fridge overnight and it’s done. Cut the watermelon in chunks and serve it up to your party guests. You’ll get quite a buzz from this, so make sure you don’t eat more than a couple of pieces.

8. Jello Shots


They are some of the most fun party drinks out there. Don’t forget to stack up on jello shot cups before starting to make the recipe at home. There are plenty of recipes online, just try to have as many colors as possible and if you have any vegetarians attending your party, try to get some vegetable gelatin, as normal gelatin is made from the ground up bones and the cartilage of animals.

7. Peach Punch


In a large punch bowl, pour a bottle of sparkling wine, a bottle of sweet white wine and a can of peaches. Let them sit for a couple of hours in the refrigerator and then they’re ready to serve. It is a classic punch that will go well with everybody. If you feel like it needs to be sweeter, just add a couple of tablespoons of sugar.

6. Vodka Skittles


You’ll need four vodka bottles and four different colors of Skittles. Separate the colors and put around 100 grams in each bottle. Let them sit for about 24 hours until the color and flavor has dissolved into the vodka. Your friends will love this!

5. Martini


What’s fun about this is that everyone’s got a Martini recipe that they think is perfect. You can argue for days on end about what goes and what doesn’t when it comes to Martini. Let your guests make their own drink and compare and discuss them. Shaken, not stirred like James Bond or the classic way, stirred, not shaken? It’s up to you!

4. Alcohol Fruits


In a large bowl pour some vodka and tequila and then add some orange pieces, apples, peaches or whatever more fruits you like and let them soak up the alcohol for a couple of hours. Remove the fruits and put them on a plate. They’ll blow your mind.

3. Siberian Mist


In the 1997 movie She’s So Lovely Sean Penn enters a bar and orders a Siberian Mist. The bartender throws him a puzzled look and asks him what the hell he’s talking about. He then goes on to explain that the drink should be made by mixing a bit of all the alcoholic drinks available in the bar in a single glass. Imagine how mind erasing that drink is! But it could be a fun experiment, or it could go horribly wrong.

2. Beer


Ok, maybe beer is not quite fun, but we had to have it on our list because it’s just so damn popular! A party without beer is like a cat without fur (those Sphinx cats are really weird, cute, but weird). Make sure you have different brands with various amounts of alcohol, or better yet, get a keg. A keg will always be a recipe for success whether you’re at a frat party or at a quiet dinner party.

1. Shots


There’s no party without shots. Tequila or whiskey shots will always liven up a party and create a great atmosphere. It’s enough for someone to shout SHOTS! and that’s when the crazy starts. We are big fans of shots, here at www.10Awesome.com and we suggest you drink responsibly… or not. Whatever floats your boat!

If you want your party to be a success, ask the people what they would like to drink before you do the shopping. Also have some finger food for people to snack on and soak up all of that alcohol… and don’t forget to buy the jello shot cups. If someone gets a little bit too drunk, be responsible and take care of them. And remember, do not let anyone drive home after you’ve seen them drinking.