Socks, a common clothing item that has a rather interesting history. Ever since the first pair of socks was “designed” from animal skin to protect the ankles, the sock had suffered much transformation. In the 8th Century BC, the Ancient Greeks used to wear socks made from matted animal hair to keep their feet warm. As for the Roman Empire, they used to wrap their feet with leather or woven fabrics. We go forth to the year 1000 AD when socks became the symbol of wealth among nobility. A great leap in the sock design occurred in the year 1589 when the first knitting machine was invented, thus leading to an increase of production. The next step was taken in 1938 with the introduction of nylon. Before that socks were made out of silk, cotton and wool. There are various types of socks available on the market, including sports socks, footwraps, and fun socks! Today’s list is going to include ten funky socks to fit with your personality!

10. Corgi Stars Socks


The fruit of merging contemporary design with an outstanding hand-finished construction is this pair of luxury Corgi socks that perfectly represent the modern man who wants to enjoy the benefits of traditional craftsmanship. Hand-made inĀ  Wales, this funky star-patterned pair of socks brings color where it’s needed. They’re made of 100% cotton. Moon is not included!

9. Corgi Skull Socks


We continue with another Corgi product, this time for those of you who like to be a bit out of the ordinary. Also hand-made in Wales, the pair of Corgi Emerald socks with skull and bones are quite stylish. They’re made of 100% cotton for enhanced comfort.

8. Friesian Folly


On Wackysox I found this pair of Friesian Folly socks that are guaranteed to keep your feet cool and dry. They feature a knit padded sole and a flat toe seam, both greatly enhancing your comfort. The keep them secure on your feet, the socks are elasticized in three points – across the bridge of the foot, around the ankle, and around the turnover and knee.

7. Milky Way


Our next pair of funky socks is the “Milky Way”. They’re made of 25% polyamide and 75% Coolmax material. Furthermore, a micromesh venting across the top of the foot allows air to circulate and keep it cool. They’re available in different sizes, from small to XX Large.

6. Skull Knee Socks


Are you fond of a pirate life? Then this pair of Skull Socks is just what you need to be the captain of your battleship! They are sure to keep your feet protected from those pesky fleas, argghhhh! The socks are made of 75% cotton, 20% polyester, and 5% spandex. Aye! Go forth mates!

5. Ninja Power


And if piracy is not really your thing, maybe the stealth of a ninja is more likely to satisfy your feet. However, we strongly advise to keep this pair of funky socks away from your regulars. You can’t be joking with a ninja! They are available in different sizes and colors and are made of 75% cotton, 20% polyester and 5% spandex. Oh, and one more thing …. the pair does not include ninja disappearing dust!

4. Gnome Socks


Might and Magic is what this pair of Gnome socks screams. The magic of forgotten times when fairy tales were told on a regular basis is combined with the might of these little but cunning gnomes to create a pair of socks that will highlight your affinity for mystery and the unknown. Did I mention they’re also stylish and comfortable due to the materials used to make them? They are!

3. Bad Ass


This particular pair of funky socks perfectly fits in your drawer with our number five in the list, making the perfect battle team. Not to mention that no sane person would pick on someone wearing these socks! Besides these obvious features, the pair is bound to keep you comfortable as they’re made of cotton, polyester and spandex. Also available for women!

2. Etta Tron


Made in Korea this next pair of socks features the beloved robot that bears the name Etta Tron. The cute and snugly robot may be made of metal, but it has a pumping heart, just like the one beating inside your chest. Don’t step on its feelings! They come in different sizes (five to ten) and are made of cotton, polyester and spandex.

1. Whales Socks


I’ve always been fascinated with the story of Ahab and his struggle to find and slay the big white whale, although I am against killing wild life. Of course he wasn’t hunting any whales, the white whale was merely a metaphor, but let’s not get ourselves carried away with such things. The pair of socks features cute (I would say little but they’re not) white whales that are probably swimming towards unknown shores. They’re made of cotton, spandex and polyester.