The advantages of living in a house instead of a flat/apartment are many. Except the obvious plus of having more space and privacy, there’s also the visual effect involved – a beautiful image for the eye that only a well maintained garden can provide. There are probably thousands of accessories and ornaments from which you can choose, and this list will provide with ten of them. And since we’ve mentioned maintenance, it is vital to have the proper tools in order to keep a backyard flourishing; in a nutshell, garden ornaments and accessories are a must for both visual and practical effects.

10. The garden hoe



The garden hoe is a tool with a flat blade attached to a long handle (usually made from wood) that’s mostly used for weeding, cultivating, and gardening. The size of the blade can vary, depending on your needs. It is an absolute must if you want a beautiful garden.

9. The garden shovel



This useful tool is also a must have as it helps you with different tasks such as digging, loosen hardened soil, or make holes into the earth. It also comes in different shapes and sizes, sometimes with a short handle, and most of the times with a regular long one. They have a wider blade (compared to let’s say garden spades) and they’re always ready to do the job.

8. The garden rake



Garden rakes are used for several tasks: those that are made of metal (steel, iron, etc) can be used to move or loosen soil, while those of a softer material are for fallen leaves and such. The garden rake is definitely entering our ten garden ornaments and accessories you must have.

7. Garden gloves



Working on your beautiful garden can have unwanted side effects, and protecting your hands from thorns, insects, chemicals that you may use to fertilize the earth, blisters, etc. is mandatory. These gloves are designed to do exactly that. Furthermore, the strong material is making them ideal for other tasks that may harm your hands.

6. Watering can



The watering can is a portable container used to manually water your plants. It has a spout, at the end of which is a rose – a cap-like device with holes. It’s usually made of galvanized metal (to protect it from corrosion), but plastic ones are also available – they are lighter, thus easier to use. This handy container is our number six from ten garden ornaments and accessories you must have.

5. The pruning shear



This scissor-like tool is used for cutting the branches of plants. Depending on its power (size and thickness of the spring) it can cut through different sizes of branches. The pruning shears are used in gardening, arboriculture, farming, flower arranging, and nature conservation, helping you keep those crazy vines in control.

4. Insect sculptures



Our list of garden ornaments and accessories is not without the beautiful touch of visual effects. Insect sculptures are bound to add a touch of color and movement in your garden. Your children will enjoy the beautiful colors, while you feast your eyes upon these metal marvels.

3. Garden table



As we approach our number one, garden tables are found not only in our top, but also in everyone’s backyard. Whether you want to have a barbeque with your friends and family, or just need to read under the cool shade of a tree, it is a great addition.

2. Climate control medallion thermometer



The climate control thermometer is both beautiful and useful. It is weather-resistant, and has a smart design to make it blend seamlessly with the exterior of your home. Whether you chose to use it inside your house or outside of it, the investment is worth every penny.

1. Garden gnomes



Garden gnomes are probably the most popular choice among garden accessories world wide. A whole industry has been built around these little creatures that remind us of the beautiful stories we used to hear from our parents. Your children will just love these colorful ceramic characters.

So now, what’s in your garden?