10 Gifts For Your Bookaholic Friends

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We all have our own hobbies whether it’s collecting stamps, old coins or painting with our fingers. For book lovers, reading is that moment when everything around quiets down to an indistinguishable hum and you get completely immersed in somebody else’s story or life. If this rings a bell about yourself or your friends, we have a few suggestions for you. These 10 gifts for your bookaholic friends are versatile and unique. But go ahead and treat yourself with any of these, they’re irresistible and will perfectly match your book collection.

1. The LiliLite bookshelf

Gifts For Your Bookaholic Friends

Ever thought how a 3 in 1 bookshelf would look like? It would have a bookmark and an incorporated lamp, while also serving as a standard bookshelf on which you can put your favorite books. Someone went ahead and designed this futuristic tool, which makes me wonder what took us so long to invent it. It’s multi functional, visually appealing and it would definitely be THE perfect gift for any avid reader.

2. Old books scented candle

Gifts For Your Bookaholic Friends

You close your eyes and you teleport in your high school’s library, walking between the high shelves stuffed with old, wise books. Then the doorbell rings. Oh, wait, you’re actually in your living room, burning a soy candle that gives off the scent of old books. This inexpensive gift idea will make book enthusiasts squeak with joy when they open their presents.

3. Quirky shoe bookmarks

Gifts For Your Bookaholic Friends

Do yo have a girlfriend with a deep passion for shoes and books? Or does that description perfectly suit you? Then you’ll fall head over heels in love with this idea. The funny bookmark was inspired by Carrie in “Sex and the City” and it’s an ingenious alternative to plain ones filled with ads.

4. Agustav Book Rack

Gifts For Your Bookaholic Friends

For those who care about books and design in equal parts, this bookshelf idea will rock their world. The quirky design resembles a coat hanger and it will safely store your books, making for an awesome display rack. It can actually double as a hanger for clothes, but you may want to stop your guests from putting their coats on it when they come visit. Books are territorial and need their own space.

5. Book Holder

Gifts For Your Bookaholic Friends

This one will come in handy to anyone who enjoys the occasional outside reading. Sure, it’s pleasant to read in a park, enjoying the refreshing breeze. Until this turns into a nightmare that keeps flipping your book’s pages. To avoid that, try a book holder that will keep everything in place and enable you to enjoy your reading uninterrupted.

6. Customizable tents

Gifts For Your Bookaholic Friends

You like camping and you love books? Then we have the perfect suggestion that combines these two into a unique gift: the customizable tent. Not only it looks cool, but you’ll also be able to recognize your tent from dozens of others in the blink of an eye. It’s roomy enough for two or three persons, it’s completely waterproof and you even get a 5 year guarantee. All you have to do is add your own image, select the colors and get ready to be envied by all fellow campers.

7. Typographic Bookshelf

Gifts For Your Bookaholic Friends

It’s all about bookshelves for book lovers. This typographic shelf will surely make your living room furniture stand out for your guests and it will help you keep track of your reading list. On the left you can place the books that you’ve read and on the right what you want to read. If you’ve been looking for a tool to motivate you to finish your 2015 reading challenge, this is the thing for you.

8. Classy Leather Heart Bookmark

Gifts For Your Bookaholic Friends

Another original bookmark idea is this heart shaped leather bookmark that you can slip on the corner of your book. Your bookaholic friends will definitely swoon over this idea and before you know it they’ll own the bookmark in every color.

9. Felt Animal Index Cards

Gifts For Your Bookaholic Friends

Looking for a more creative way to keep your books in order? These animal index cards couldn’t get more creative. They are funny, efficient and will help you know where everything is at all times.

10. Cassette Tape Bookmark

Gifts For Your Bookaholic Friends

Is it a cassette tape or is it a bookmark? You won’t be able to tell the difference looking at this cute little bookmark. Just when you thought everything’s been invented, you stumble across something like this. Needless to say, any book lover will adore this original design. The bookmarks are available in 6 different color and each of the packs comes with a set of three magnetic bookmarks, so you can make two of your bookaholic friends happy.

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