Bill Gates is known worldwide for being the roughly the wealthiest person on Earth, for owning Microsoft or both. But what more is there to Bill Gates?

Bill Gates


Find out in this top 10 great facts to know about Bill Gates and his work as a both a businessman and a humanitarian.

When was Bill Gates’ first computer program? What college did Bill Gates graduate from? Find all that out and more in the following top 10 list.

1. “I want to be a Billionaire, so freaking bad”

In high school, Bill Gates used to tell his teachers that he would become a millionaire by the age of 30. Not only he became a millionaire by 30 but he actually became a billionaire by the age of 31. This is why his children often tease him by singing the song “Billionaire” by Travis McCoy and Bruno Mars.

2. Earnings

Bill Gates roughly earns $250 per second. Given the fact that there are 86400 seconds in a day, Gates makes about $21.6 million per day so Bill Gates makes about $7 billion per year. Of course, these are estimated numbers but you figure out the big picture.

3. Where it all started

He sold his first computer program to his high school when he was 17 years old. Gates’ first ever soft was a game of tic-tac-toe which allowed you to play against a computer.

4. College

Although Bill Gates was admitted to Harvard University in 1973, after obtaining a great SAT score of 1590 out of 1600 he dropped out. However, in 2007 Gates received an honorary degree from Harvard.

5. Microsoft

Gates founded Microsoft, the largest software company in the world in 1975 alongside his friend and business partner, Paul Allen. The breaking point came in 1980 when Microsoft won a contract with IBM which allowed them to use their OS on all of IBM’s computers. Since 2008, Bill Gates has renounced at his full time job as a chairman of Microsoft to dedicate his time to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

6. “The Geek who changed the world”

In 2005, Bill Gates received the KBE order from Queen Elizabeth of England for his world-wide charity and humanitarian work. Times magazine introduced him in their top ‘100 People who influenced the 20th Century’ and called him “The Geek who changed the world”.

7. He’s been married for over 20 years

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda got married in Hawaii on New Year’s Day, in 1994. They began 1994 as a married couple and they have been a couple ever since. The couple has three children together and some reports suggests that Bill Gates’ children will only inherit $10 million each out of their daddy’s $72 billion estimated fortune.

8. Bill Gates was arrested

When he was 22, he faced charges after running a red light and driving without a license in New Mexico. However, he was not sent to prison and he got off with a warning.

9. Predictions

In 200, Bill Gates claimed that the problem with spam e-mail will be over in about two years. He also stated back in 1994 that no computer will ever need more than a 640 KB of memory. On a happier note, Gates has also the strong belief that there will be no more poor countries by 2038. Let’s hope he is better at predicting money than he is at predicting numbers.

10. Lives Saved

Over 6 million lives have been saved by Bill Gates through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. The Gates’ have provided vaccines and better health care in almost every country facing poverty and harsh life conditions.

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