The holiday seasons are upon us and it is the loveliest time of the year. You get to take time off from work and spend it with your loved ones, you get to celebrate, eat and have a good time! There’s snow and vacations – it really is lovely! That’s the holidays in a nutshell, basically! The tricky part is that it can get pretty boring, it’s the same every year, the parties, the get-togethers and you can even tell which present you’re going to receive from which uncle. It’s cute, but a bit dull. So why not let us inspire you with 10 ideas on how to spice up your holiday seasons and make them memorable?

10. Christmas Party with a Twist


Yes, Christmas parties all seem to be the same each year. You’ve got your family, you all eat, drink and tell the same stories every year. The same with your colleagues from work. How about this year you do something out of the ordinary and throw your own Christmas party and invite only your closest friends and just party like it’s 1999!

9. Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments


Get creative! Invite all your friends over and start creating. You can focus all of your creative efforts and talent into making a Christmas wreath. The circle symbolizes that God is eternal and that there is no beginning and no end. Add some candles, flowers and whatever else you may feel like. We guarantee it is going to be great fun!

8. Spike Up Your Egg Nog


There are many things you can do to make your holiday season less boring and that is consume some alcoholic beverages and simply relax. We’re not saying you should get blitzed out of your system, but when you’re sitting down with your mother-in-law, you need something stronger than egg nog.

7. Pass on the Family


Their little hearts will be broken, but if you can’t stand all  your aunts and uncles, you could simply pass on them and start a new tradition yourself. Or just invite them all to your house, Christmas is all about being with family and loved one, after all.

6. Choose an Exotic Vacation Spot


Nothing says Christmas more than a Mai Tai on a sunny beach somewhere far, far away. Why deal with all the cold and annoying distant relatives when you can simply get away from everything and wait for Santa on a nice warm island where the weather is warm and the water is blue?

5. Have a Special Date Night


Who said that you can’t throw a little romance in the Christmas mix? You and your loved one can plan a nice little date night and to really spice things up, you could even add in some nice adult toys. Take a look over at Babeland to see what we’re talking about.

4. Online Shopping


If you want to avoid all the madness from malls and shopping venues, why not do all your Christmas shopping online. Sit down in front of your computer with a glass of wine, a nice warm blanket and shop away! You can even have all the presents delivered to your loved ones.

3. Food for Thought


Why not try something different this Christmas and cook something non traditional? Find out what other cultures cook for Christmas and give it a go. The Internet is at your disposal, there are many Youtube videos that are just waiting for you to click on.

2. Learn New Christmas Carols

Christmas carols are great, but why not do a little digging and discover some old and forgotten Christmas carols. You’ll be surprised how many wonderful songs are out there, that people seem to have forgotten about.

1. Be Santa


We all should try to be a little better on Christmas. We should always try that, but if you think that’s a little too much, stick to being a good person only on Christmas. Find a place that you could help out with money, food or clothes or volunteer. This is what Christmas is all about.