In this article, we will take a look at the greatest tennis players in the world. Tennis is a game which strikes with beauty and momentousness. The players’ movements are gracious and rhythmic, harmonious and precise despite the great effort the players are undertaking. What makes this sport so attractive to the public is the fact that it addresses just about everyone not imposing any limitations. It however requires certain qualities such as perspicacity, braveness, dexterity, good reflexes, speed, strength, etc. The sport appeared back in the XII century and is supposed to have been first played at the royal courts of England and France but has been played in its today’s format since 1870. In case you’re wondering tennis comes from the French “tenez!” which roughly translates “here you are”.

1. Novak Djokovic

novak djokovic

Aged 24 and coming from Serbia, he started playing when he was 4 years old and made his debut as a pro when he was 16. Djokovic prefers playing on hard courts; however, he considers himself to be an all round player, his best shot being backhand down the line. He won three Grand Slams singles titles enabling him to become not only the first player from Serbia to win a Grand Slam but also the youngest player to have reached the semi finals of all four Grand Slam competitions separately and consecutively.

2. Rafael Nadal

rafael nadal

Widely considered as one of the greatest players of all time, he was ranked world 1st until 4th of July 2011, when he lost his position. He is trained by one of his uncles who spotted his talent at an early age.   He has been playing since age 3 and became a professional player in 2001.  He won not less than 10 grand Slam tournaments and he had an incredible 32 match winning streak back in 2008. He’s regarded as an aggressive player as well as an excellent defender.

3. Roger Federer


This 29 years old Swiss player started his career at 8 years old and by 1998 he was already ranked world’s 1st in juniors. He held this record for 237 consecutive weeks and has won 16 Grand Slam titles so far. Considered to be an all court, all round player, he mainly plays from baseline. However, he is also comfortable playing at the net.

4. Andy Murray

andy murray

Andy Murray is the greatest tennis player in Great Britain. The 24 years old Scotsman Murray is best described as a defensive counterpuncher. Professional tennis coach Paul Annacone considers that Murray “may be the best counterpuncher on tour today.”  Murray is also known for being one of the smartest tacticians on the court, often constructing points. He was the first British man to reach the Australian final since John Lloyd in ’77.

5. Robin Soderling

robin soderling

Robin Soderling is a gifted tennis player from Sweden. This player entered men’s circuit in 2002 and two years later he made it into the world’s top 50. In 2005, Soderling was severely injured at one of the knees. However, this did not stop him from returning to professional tennis: in 2006, Soderling made a spectacular come back, even though he was still suffering from his injury.  The Swede tennis player showed serious progress in the following years and as for 2009, he reached finals at the French Open, where he defeated Rafael Nadal, the defending champion. This was Nadal’s first and only loss at the French Open. As for 2010, his best year so far, he thrived to defeat Federer, ending the player’s record of 23 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals. At present, Soderling is one of the greatest tennis players in the world, and by the look of it, there are still awesome things to expect from him.

6. David Ferrer

david ferrer

Born April 1982, in Spain, David Ferrer is the second best Spanish tennis player, after Nadal. He turned professional in 2000, at 18 years old. Though he is known as a clay court player, hard courts do not represent a problem for him either. David Ferrer is considered one of the most agile, fit and determined players in the tour. While not contented at the net, Ferrer’s speed allows him to quickly cut off his opponents’ shots at the net when they are off balance. Nadal describes him as the best returner in the men’s game.

7. Gael Monfils


Currently the greatest tennis player in France, Monifils is 24 years old. A very promising player since young, he finished as world no.1 junior in 2004, with titles at the Australian Open , Rolland Garros and Wimbledon. He is described as a defensive counterpuncher who likes to stand far back from the baseline and retrieve every shot until he forces an error from his opponent. He also has an extraordinary ability to switch quickly from defense to offence, which usually result in confusing his opponent and taking him by surprise.

8. Tomas Berdych


Berdych is from the Czech Republic. He is a player with great potential who recently showed what is capable of when he reached the final at the 2010 Wimbledon Championship and the semi-finals at the 2010 French Open. Tomas Berdych is known for having one of the cleanest and hardest-hitting games on the ATP tour. He is most comfortable when playing on grass, a surface on which he reached 3 ATP finals, including Wimbledon. It seems that we may expect great things from him in the near future!

9. Mardy Fish


Mardy Fish became the best  American tennis player after overtaking Andy Roddick , in April 2011. Fish is known as a hardcourt specialist. The son of a tennis teaching professional, he was sending tennis balls from baseline over the net at the age of 2. He is very well acquainted with Roddick, as they attended the same school. The two tennis players also lived together (with Roddick’s family) for one year and played for the same tennis team. Consequently, they have very similar playing styles. In 2003, Fish won his first ATP singles title. He possesses a huge first serve which helps him win free points.

10. Andy Roddick


One of the greatest players of these days, Roddick is a former World no.1. He held a record for the world’s fastest serve at 155 mph since 2004 to 2011 when he was dethroned by Ivo Karlovic at 156mph. This American tennis player considered giving up tennis at the age of 17 when he had a losing streak. However, he was convinced by his coach to give tennis another 4 months of undivided attention. Consequently, he became the No.1 junior in 2000. In 2003, at age 21, he also became the younger tennis player to win a Grand Slam title since computer rankings  first started (1973).

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