Everyone can be a better person when giving willingly a random act of kindness and feel the sentiment of gratitude when lending a helping hand to those who are less fortunate or for the people who simply need just some cards with warm thoughts at certain times.

As one of the old sayings goes, practice makes perfect, so here is a brief list of 10 random acts of kindness ideas  that can be performed by anyone who is willing to share a piece of his life with the others.

#1 Reading stories for kids in school


This has become a favorite activity for plenty of adults during their free time, adults who want to live again the happy years of childhood and be carefree. Children are much more receptive to such small and random acts of gratitude and you can be sure that spending some hours in their presence every few days or so will make you too feel better and charge your batteries with positive energy for your upcoming work week after such a good way to spare time.

#2 Taking care of senior citizens in retirement homes


If previously we have talked about the youngest of us, let us not forget those who are in their twilight years and have spent their life contributing to the society’s benefit. Now they deserve some recognition from the rest of the world and you will surely find a foundation nearby that is specialized in these types of charitable acts for old people.

#3 Helping the homeless


Whether it is about offering a bowl of food to randoms or giving them some changing clothes, these folks have a wide range of needs that, due to the lack of money and possibilities, are very hard to accomplish in their situation. Therefore, it is a good idea to be the Good Samaritan from time to time and let them have some random acts of kindness from our part.

#4 Offering Cards with Best Wishes


It does not have to be Christmas or any other holiday to bring a smile on the faces of our loved ones. Writing some simple, but carefully chosen, words on a piece of paper, can mean a lot more for them, especially if it comes in an unexpected moment. Remember, these are random acts of kindness and the simple element of surprise for your ideas has its merit.

#5 Running a race to collect donations

10 Reasons to Take up Running

More and more people realize that running is not just a healthy activity, but also a good way to gather donations for patients suffering of serious health problems or other affections. The volunteers who participate in such races are examples of healthy minds in healthy bodies, to quote the antics.

#6 Adopting a pet from the animal shelter


Everyone knows that an animal can bring tremendous joy for one family or for keeping company to a single owner. Adopting a pet is a great feeling, since animals are capable of unconditional love, without asking something in return for their favors, as many people do frequently. Moreover, small children or teenagers will learn what responsibility is at a young age by taking care of their pet in a proper way.

#7 Donating to the army veterans centers


After serving their country and returning home, many military members find themselves having problems during their reintegration in society. The special centers that have purposefully been created only for them are the best locations where you can pay small quotes of money in exchange of a symbolic object, such as a bumper sticker for your car, to help them rebuild a normal life in their country.

#8 Volunteering for an ecological cause


By definition, nature is the mother of all of us and, without care, it will lead to its demise and ours. Numerous ecological foundations conduct activities where you can participate during your free time and meet other people like you. The variety of their actions is very wide: from just gathering plastic bottles and other harmful materials for the environment to trips in the wild to get in touch with nature, you can choose the type of outdoor recreation that suits you best.

#9 Donating blood to a hospital


Blood crisis can arise at every time, and this is a very serious problem for those in danger. This is not about donating money, but it can mean literally to donate life. In addition, the hospitals or medical clinics offer certain facilities for those who are willing to give a few drops of blood.

#10 Be kind all over the year


Kindness does not have to be just a temporary feeling over the course of just one week, but a permanent one. Simply thinking about the others and sharing with them your affection can get you a long way in life.

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