iPhone is still one of the most popular smartphone available on the market. Not only this phone had changed the entire market of smartphones, but still continues to amaze us with its capabilities, superb design, and power of computing. The first version of the iPhone was released to the public by the late Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) on January 2007. The product was a huge hit and, at the moment, roughly 6.4 million iPhones are active in the U.S. A highlight feature of the iPhone product, except the aforementioned ones, is Apple’s App Store where you can find over 500.000 applications approved by the company with various functions and utilities (games, GPS navigation, security, social networking, advertising, and so on). You are not, however, constrained to stick with them; as such, if you want to build your own application, here’s a list of ten iPhone app development tools.

10. MobBase



MobBase starts our list of iPhone app development tools. It’s a piece of software directed towards those of you who like music or even have a band. You can easily create applications which include videos, images, biographies, streaming playlists, news section, and so on.

9. PhoneGap



PhoneGap targets those of you who have knowledge of HTML and Java. By combining the two programming languages you can create applications not only for the iPhone, but also for Blackberry and Android-based smartphones. With PhoneGap you can take full advantage of the phone’s features such as geo-location, sound capabilities, accelerometer, and so on.

8. Rhomobile



Another application that requires a bit of skill (handling the HTML and Ruby codes) and a lot of imagination is RhoMobile – a development tool that lets you built great applications for a variety of smartphones, including iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and even Symbian.

7. AppMakr



Unlike the previously listed tools, this one is a web-based platform designed to help you create your very own iPhone application in a fast and easy manner. Take advantage on the existing content and social networking feeds to create a variety of apps. It enables features like push notifications, custom CSS, Java Scripting, and location-aware.




Short for Generation Wireless, this is a publishing platform for both tablets and smartphones. With GENWI you will stay ahead by creating and managing your presence on established mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android and HTML5 apps. The platform has been a leader in the past few years and they now boast over 1.500 applications while serving 6 million app views a month.

5. Mippin



This London-based platform and our number five out of ten iPhone app development tools is easy to use and can help you create applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. It can also be used as a tool for promoting your products to iTunes, Android, Windows and Amazon online markets.

4. AppBreeder



Our list of iPhone app development tools continues with AppBreeder, a true master when it comes to do-it-yourself services. The tools is not limited to creating iPhone apps, but also lets you publish apps for Blackberry and Android devices. AppBreeder offers app kits for a variety of industries. Check out their website to learn more.

3. RunRev



Make use of RunRev’s LiveCode to make your own applications for iPhone and Android-based smartphones. You can build live prototypes that will take the full advantage of iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, on their main page you can find a lot of tutorials to help you out.

2. AppIncubator



AppIncubator is for those of you who lack the skills of making a viable application, but have plenty of imagination – it lets you submit your ideas and, if the development team thinks it’s worth it, they will most definitely built it. Submissions can be sent via your iPhone app or to the company’s website. Once sent and received, you access the company’s storyboard tool to give more details about your app idea and how you want it to work.

1. Sweb Apps



We reached the number one choice in our list and present you Sweb Apps – an online service for everyone to built their own iPhone application without knowledge of any code. The company enables predefined templates which you can customize to your liking or choose from their database of background images.

Which of these ten fit your best needs and knowledge to create the most wicked application out there?