These are the sports costumes that gave birth to worldwide controversies s soon as they were presented to the public. Sexist, insulting, religiously correct or merely inadequate, these outfits did not meet  fans’ approval or official regulations. Here is the list of the 10 most controversial sports costumes, according to Time Magazine:

1. Wearing Lace at the US Open

1. venus_williams_alt

Venus Williams hits again: she took tennis fans by surprise again, when she appeared in a red-and-black lace costume, and very tight shorts. The corset was more appropriate for bedroom wear than for a sports competition, while the tight shorts generously revealed her forms. This is not the first time that Williams is shocking the world with her outfits: she is known for her controversial sports kit, which she creates all by herself.

2. Islamic correctness in weightlifting

This year, weightlifting officials agreed to change their regulations in order to allow a competitor to participate at the National Weightlifting Competition: Kulsoom Abdullah asked permission to wear her hijab (scarf) and a complete costume, which is, according to her faith, compulsory for all women. Even though the rules stipulated that the knees and elbows of a competitor should be visible, so that the judges could determine if the lift was correctly carried out, they made an exception this time, and allowed the Muslim participant to cover her arms and legs with a tan undergarment.

3. Aboriginal stereotypical costumes


When ice skaters Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin of Russia competed at the 2010 European Championship, they had no idea what impact will their aboriginal-themed routine have on the media. Immediately, aboriginals felt insulted by the choice of the ice dancers, and most importantly, by the inaccuracy of their outfit and dance- the leaves on their costumes and the fact that the man dragged his partner by the hair were the drops that filled the glass in the eyes of the representatives of this culture.

4. The Mets’ black blazer controversy

4. mets outfit

At the end of the  ’90s, New York Mets started a controversy that would last until this day, when they decided to change their blue and orange outfit to a black one, in order to adjust at that time’s trend and help the selling of their products. It was supposed to be an alternative to their ordinary costume, but the Mets were stick with it and so they remained even today.

5.  Skirts for female badminton players


At the beginning of this year, the Badminton World Federation proposed that female players should wear skirts only, in order to increase the attractiveness of the game. This suggestion was accused by both women players and women rights organizations of being sexist and the scandal caused officials to change their minds.

6. Ralph Laurent costumes for Us Olympic athletes

Olympics Opening Day

At the 2008 Olympic Games openings, US made quite an entrance in their trendy Ralph Laurent costumes. Not everybody agreed with the choice, thus. Many people considered their outfits inappropriate for the best American athletes. According to  opponents, they looked like a bunch of “rich snobs”.

7.  Iranian women’s uniforms did not meet FIFA regulations

7. iran_womens_soccer

Fifa officials would not change their rules regarding the players’ costumes for the sake of the Iran’s female soccer team, that proves real passion on the field. the iranian players were forced to give up their dream of going to the 2012 Olympics when their match against Jordan was canceled. The reason: The Muslim outfit they were wearing was against Fifa regulations which state that no player’s outfit may display his political or religious affiliation. Thus, showing more skin for the sake of sports is ok, but the other way around is not!

8. Women stated playing baseball in uncomfortable skirts


When women started to play baseball, in the ’40 to replace the men who were at war, they were forced to adopt what was then considered “appropriate costume”, that is an uncomfortable skirt and satin shorts underneath. Even though they had a hard time moving in those baggy outfits, women needed to remain women, that is , to look pretty and act nicely inside and outside the field.

9. The controversial outfits of the US feminine soccer team


This year, the US female soccer team was in the center of attention both due to their great performance and to their uniforms, which were, according to their critics, similar to those of “sexy nurses”. This is only because their costumes were a little bit more feminine than what the team used to wear. But who says women players should resemble men anyway?

10. Speedo’s LZR Racer


The fastest swimming suit in the world, Speedo’s LZR Racer, designed by NASA, together with Speedo and the Australian Sports Institute helped US swimming team to win 94% of all the golden medals at the 2008 Olympic Games. Thus, people were irritated by the advantage that the American team had over the rest of the participants.


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